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"The best kind of arrow is the one deep in the heart of your enemy." - Apache proverb

Biographical Data
Name: Liluye Adine'ya
Birthdate: Summertime
Occupation: Native American Researcher
Nationality: American Apache
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Loner

Quote: They say savagery is in our blood. They have no idea.
Themesong: Character's Themesong

Liluye's a full-blood Apache, but her accent is British English, spoken with the careful hesitations of a secondary language. She's educated, quiet, reserved, and is reported to be working on an Apache language dictionary and recording tribal custom and history.

RP Hooks
  • She's a historian and researcher, specializing in Native American Apache.
  • She likes to read.
  • She seems to like hanging out at the Trade Winds. But who doesn't?!
  • She likes to walk in Monument Park.
  • Maya - What a kind welcome.
  • Musaphir - Someone else who appreciates the value of silence.
  • Hideaki - You remind me of a saying. Cave furorem patientis
  • Magdalena - You are very confusing.
  • Maeve - A shame.
  • Darius - There is a rumor you live. Good.
  • Giles - I also hear much about you.
  • Gavin - And you.
  • Devin - Young one.
  • Susan - Kind one.
  • Andre - We should speak.
  • Taylor - Most earnest.
  • Uthur - An inauspicious beginning.
  • Mystis - Your blood has run thin.
  • Anselm - I sense that you do not like me.
  • Omar - A pleasant surprise. I hope it is not an illusion.

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