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Buildings must be kept to 6 stories or less. Pokoh's Peak is a tourist town and the city council holds dear to the fact they will maintain the look of a small town, despite being so large. It is a delusional notion on the part of the city council. Zoning waivers have repeatedly been attempted over the years, but no matter who is on the Board or in Council, it is unanimously denied. Weird huh?

Fire Marshal's

For our purposes: fire marshal, fire inspector and arson inspector mean the same thing. They can show up and verify a building is in code, they can show up to an event and verify it is not beyond capacity, they can investigate arson. These individuals have arrest powers in Pokoh's Peak and work for both the Fire Department and the Police Department - dual agency individuals. They are assigned weapons for use in the line of duty as well as appropriate firesafe gear.


Guess what folks. It's legal in the state of Colorado. There are legal dispensary stores. If someone wants to build one, they can. The confusing part is it's illegal on the National scale, so the DEA might come after you, but local and state cops will not nail you for carrying the actual legal amount allows in Colorado.


Unless you're 16, the cops don't care. Exception? If you are under 21 an kill someone, then the cops care. Only because they have to.

Hard Drugs?

Hard drugs: meth, coke, crack, heroin, etc... They are illegal. You can have a users amount on you without issue with staff. It does not need to be jnoted. If you are playing a dealer, it is assumed you have a supply to sell. Cops generally shouldn't care unless a) you cause someone to get injured/killed/cause a disturbance or b) are in the mood to receive a payoff.

Ute Reservation

The Ute reservation is treated as other reservation's in the US. They have their own laws when on reservation. The citizens are subject to the laws of the city/state/fed when they are off the Reservation.

Drugs like peyote are legal on the reservation for its members. Those who visit and use, are not protected once they leave the Reservation. So if something is used on the reservation, and tested for off the reservation? You could end up in trouble.

Gambling is not condoned by the local Ute's, and thus, there is no Casino.