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"When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better." ~ Mae West

Biographical Data
Mae West 01.jpg
Fullname: Maeve Rosalie Westcott
Birthdate: May 25th
Occupation: Mae's Voice ~ Voice, violin, and piano private instructor
Nationality: American
Nature: Celebrant
Demeanor: Caregiver

Father: John Patrick West
Mother: Matilda "Tillie" Delker

Quote: A dame that knows the ropes isn't likely to get tied up.
Themesong: - "A Guy What Takes His Time" by Mae West

As of August 2015 (IC time aka RL Mar 2016), Mae is new to Pokoh's Peak and is looking to continue her business in this quaint country town. She loves the smell and sights of the mountains and hopes to use them to inspire her own artistry and motivate and inspire new artists. She enjoys people of all types, regardless of their station, occupation, or age. Life is a wonderful thing; full of craziness, drama, and beauty. And that is her in a nutshell. She craves the experiences life has to offer her and dives head first into them. Life is meant to be lived, not observed.

"I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure." - Mae West

RP Hooks
  • Mae is a very talented artist: She is a musician and vocalist, but those are just a view of her many talents.
  • Need or want to learn the piano, violin, or how to sing? Mae's your girl! Mae's Voice is her personal business.
  • Sultry voice, playful outlook, beautiful, and flirtatious - Mae is all about having a good time!
  • Taylor - So much to do, so little time, am I right? Let's do brunch!
  • Susan - Hit it right off - we are likely to be very good Frenemies!
  • Evan - Ohh, Mr. Eliot - How you tease me! With your long, beautiful instrument, you have me so wrapped around your.. finger.
  • Jacob - Consultant? Come here, Sweetie and let us consult!
  • Uthur - Oh, sweet manly man Ginger you! Let us dance, shall we?

I call it: Awakening

Embrace - The Awakening.jpg

Young Mae

Mae West 03.jpg

Mae West 02.jpg

Glamour Shots!!

Mae West 04.jpg

Mae West 05.jpg