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"“Why are you singing?”, “Why are you crying?”, “Why are you going shopping?”… I can answer any question with, “Because I'm a woman!” Such a simple answer and no one questions it."


Who is that girl? Rumor has it she´s got what it takes to the next big star of the music industry. Maeve got her start performing at clubs and hot spots all over town and in Denver. A national tour and plenty of media attention has rocketed her to the top of the American Music Charts. Her music seems like a throwback to a bygone era, soulful, tragic, and often filled with dark themes.
The Bee Maiden Fairies The chimerical bees that have served Maeve through the centuries.

Jolon The curse is lifted and I don't need you anymore. Still you have always been good to me, and I am grateful.

Darla I wish you happiness with Jolon. He is a good man and loyal to you.

Jacob Mr. Electric. You are an unpleasant little shit aren't you?

Cali Future Mrs. Electric. Seems nice.

Donovan Whatever you did was what you wanted to do anyway.

Soot You were my everything. The others want to give me hope that you are still alive. I want to believe them, but when I lie still in the dark I do not. Grandmaw is dead, but it doesn't take away the hole in my heart.

Selena You'd always been in my corner, even when it was unpopular. Mistakes were made. You had only snake oil for sale.

Grandmaw If I could make you choke on the ashes you left me a thousand more times, it still wouldn't be enough.

Lily Poor little blind thing. She seems so intent on getting hurt I'm sure it will come.

Michaela You're the reason I believe in love. We are both broken in our own ways but together, we have the world. [1]

Tommy Somewhere there exists a village that is missing their idiot. What a gobshite!

Warrick He has a good heart. He will make a good knight one day with more confidence.

The Death of Grandmaw
NOBLES: Blah blah blah, just do what I say. Your pure blood doesn't make you smart.

COMMONERS: Blah blah blah, just do what I say. Your common blood makes you better suited to servitude.

HUMANS: I don't even have to tell you. You can't help but do what I say.

Themes: I like dark themes. It doesn't matter if I´m playing a good girl or an evil witch. Its a World of Darkness and the darkness is why I´m here. I often run into people who get angry at me because I do bad things to their characters. I generally play evil characters and....that's what evil characters do. If you can´t differentiate between IC and OOC, I'm probably not the person who you will enjoy playing with. Yes I will hurt you.

Sex and Romance: In a relationship with Michaela. It isn't complicated. Taken.

First Responder: On a typical work day, not much is going on. However, when it does, I am expected to respond immediately. Sometimes I may not be able to tell you because of the urgency of what I'm responding too. I will tell you beforehand if I am at work so that you are prepared for this possibility or the fact that I may be slow. Please have the same courtesy for me.

Queenbee.jpg Maeve3.jpg Maeve2.jpg
Name Maeve Rosaleen Connery
Occupation Jazz Singer
Theme Music [2] Slow Like Honey [3] Sober
Demeanor Sensualist
Residence Dunafon Castle
Height 4'6"
Weight 110
Eye Color Emerald Green
Hair Color Chocolate
Apparent Age 24