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"Every day in my care shall save thee an eternity in perdition. T´is a mercy."

Clan: Tremere
Concept: The Dark Hand of God
Position: Inquisitor of the Rolling River Valley, Regent of Pokoh´s Peak
Demeanor: Monster
Nature: Penitent
Path: Via Vindicta

Sister Magdalena the Novel: [1]

Theme Music: Via Dolorosa (The Way of Suffering) [2]

Some men cannot come to salvation on their own. They must be awakened through suffering.

A pale woman with a face that betrays no emotion, the garb of a nun, and the bearing of a queen.



Corragioso (Gargoyle)


Judy Newsome (Brujah)


Maria Teresita (Lasombra Antitribue)


Rahul (Ghouled Engineer)



John My first friend in the Peak after I left the cloister. His role as emissary to the other supernatural seems to have colored his perceptions of us. I miss talking to him.

Hideaki The man who speaks little is also the man who thinks with more clarity. He has become a true friend. I would risk anything to keep alive this honorable man.

Raven We are so different but the same in many ways. Where have you gone? Perhaps your kind have poisoned you against me. I miss our talks.

Susan The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. You were the only one to know the secrets of my heart. Now it is ruins. I must have faith that our paths will cross again. A piece of my heart goes with you.

LeSeur How did such a groveling boot licker become Prince? You allow more powerful vampires to tread on tradition and will not move against them to save your own skin. Fade into obscurity. You leave only a legacy of weakness behind.

The Molly You made me regret Fontaine's death. Such a haranguing fishwife. You seemed so intelligent but your position changed you. Now you are as valuable as the hair that doth decorate the hinder portion of a mongrel dog.

Taylor Your confusion makes you resent me, but Pope Francis says one must accept those victims of trauma who cannot follow fully the word of God. We have all sinned.

Giles If one insists on fighting the wars of ancestors long dead, they will join them in the dust. I do not fear, for God is with me.

Uthur You must be quite skilled in fighting because your personality leaves much to be desired. Holds the Prince in derision but seeks a seat at his table. This is what happens when a man with the mind of a child is given eternity to never grow up.

Mystis Though the lord compels me to forgive, your insolence is hard to tolerate. God give me strength.

Liluye My loneliness is oppressive but I am not so easily led astray. She understands much of the wild and the savage. I am intrigued.

Calamity You have at once a fear of the dark and an inflated sense of your self worth. You need guidance neonate. I will provide it.

Tye Quiet, deadly, fearless, efficient. You are what warriors should aspire too.

Rothstein You are too old to believe your way is the only way. Sometimes you must be reminded.

Aimee You still seem to think this is all a fun game. It shows your youth. Still, every clergy needs wealthy benefactors.

Jiao Respectful, Traditional. If she is as honorable and skilled as she presents herself, then I shall count it to my fortune.

Adalina Despite my initial distrust and judgment of your blood, you have become my dearest friend. Whatever time the Lord allows our paths to merge, I shall gladly take.

Silvia A serpent speaks with a honeyed tongue but we are not fooled.


Fontaine Everyone thought I caused your death. At times I must repent when I wish that they were right. Though your death was not deserved, your undeath was a waste filled with planning balls and soirees. If you were not planning a party you were maligning anyone you could with your vicious invective. You were not worthy of the blood.

Giddeon You were given every chance to repent but you would not. In the end you sold your soul but for a little power. The fire that burned you in the waking world will follow you into eternity.

Jameson Outspoken and foolhardy. Such is the end of men who do not know themselves.

Justice A troubled soul. At times I hated you, but I shall always remember your unswerving loyalty and how you used yourself to shield me in Kamchatka. I wish I could pray for your soul, but Darius has cheated the will of God.

Darius You play at being God, not satisfied to take the lives of your enemies but also their souls. You will wish someone had taken your soul. Burn in heretic.

Sharp The mighty have fallen. Your boots shall be heavy to fill. How I miss you. May Saint Peter look favorably upon you.

Wyatt An honorable warrior slain. They will join you in death, I swear it. May God have mercy on your soul.