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This questionnaire replaces what is required for your background. You may choose to do a traditional story background in ADDITION TO the questionnaire, however, it will not fulfill what I require for approval. Some players love to write short stories to demonstrate their characters. The problem with short stories is while they might give insight into your character, they are extraordinarily difficult to extract crucial information from, even if that information made it in at all. Thus, staff requires a new approach. Your application's background will be divided into nine parts, and you will provide the information that staff requests in them. You must be able to answer all these questions.

  • Please note: I DO NOT REVIEW APPLICATIONS BY +MAIL OR BY +JOB. I must get this information by e-mail, at


Where do you live? This should be as descriptive as you can make it, even if you are not on the grid. For Tradition mages, the Chantry House is permitted and encouraged.

Where do you work? Most mages do not have a nine-to-five job. If you do, please explain where it is.

Where are you from?

How do you get to work?

How do you get around the city?

What other places in the world are important to you?


Explain your flaws.

What are the weaknesses in your characters personality?

What are the weaknesses in your characters aptitudes? Do more than just list the abilities you do not have.


Explain your merits.

If you are Nephandi, explain your Investments.

If you have any, explain your enhancements.

What are the strengths in your characters personality?

What are the strengths in your character's aptitudes?


Describe your physical appearance. This can be the basic description you intend to use.

List the members of your nuclear family, your relationship to them, and their location.

List the members of your extended family.

List your romantic partners and your attitude toward sex and love.


How much money do you have? This should conform to your resources.

How much does your job pay? Again, most mages do not have nine-to-five jobs.

What do you own? List unique non-magickal items you have.

How much in debt are you?

What special items (including Wonders) do you possess?


How educated are you?

Where did most of your mundane education take place?

What did you specialize in, if anything?

Where did your magickal education take place? Please try to know the teaching practices of your tradition and name it appropriately -- ESPECIALLY Order of Hermes mages.

What did you specialize in? Do not list a sphere; list a type of magick. Most mages have a type of spell they feel most comfortable with.


If you are a Tradition mage, a Technocracy Mage, or a Barabbi, does your personal paradigm differ from your faction's standard paradigm? If so, explain.

If you are a Nephandus, describe your Patron's paradigm. How alien is it?

Describe your Avatar.


Create a chronology of your life. Please give me actual dates, including your birth date.

Describe in detail the mundane goals of your character.

Describe in detail the magickal goals of your character.


This is where you can include favorite songs, links to pictures, poems, short stories, in short, anything that helps me see your character.