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Maggie Moon
"Magic is all around you"

Born in Texas this woman has been traveling since she turned 18. She has toured across America to come to the peak, and is a self proclaimed Magician. She performs small illusion tricks slight-of-hand and is often seen in the company of a small Trained emperor tamarin named Max.
Traveled allot perhaps you have heard of her or she has heard of you.

She has some influence in transportation industry. She lives and preforms out of a 1974 Chevrolet Express Van converted into a camper. She has a halfsister somewhere out there. (feel free to ask about applying in) She is fairly lucky it seems.

Carries Proper paperwork for her circus animal, TRAINED MONKEY. Trained emperor tamarin with the ability to steal money or perform small tricks in her act. Str 2, Dex 4, Sta 3, Alertness 3, Athletics 4, Acrobatics 4, Brawl 2, Stealth 3, Dodge 3, Bite: 3 die, Claw: 2 dice, Armor: 0, Health: OK, -1, -1, -2, -3, Incap
Max.jpg Mag.jpg
Magic Eye.jpg
Name Maggie Moon
Played by Anastasia Zhidkova
Occupation Roadside Magician
Nature Explorer
Demeanor Visionary
Height 5'3"
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color White
Apparent Age 18