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xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx “Don't worry, be happy!"
About the Woman

Pretty Hindi girl studying theater.

So many things to do!

  • Drama and Theater student at Chilcott
  • Indian


Maheshwari is a graceful but fragile 5"6', with a cascade of wavy black hair. Thick and luxurious, it flows past her waist in an eye catching riot. Long limbs and slender curves give her a coltish appearance, reinforced by her tendency to move suddenly, yielding to sudden impulses or unbridled enthusiasm.

Her skin tone represents the lighter faction of the Indian subcontinent, helped along by lots of sunscreen and delicate cosmetics. Her face is that of a classic Bollywood heart throb, with delicate, graceful features and enormous, slightly uptilted deep brown eyes.

She clearly loves her jewelry, and more often than not is seen wearing expensive and matching accessories of gem studded gold. In honor of the holiday, she is wearing a red and white sari with a blue blouse.

So many friends ..

Chandrasekhar "Kris" Krishnamurthy - Brother

So many things to do!


  Full Name: Maheshwari Pradeetha Krishnamurthy
  App Age: 19
  Place of   Birth: India?
  Occupation: Drama and Theater student
  Nature: Bon Vivant
  Demeanor: Bon Vivant
  Height: 5'6"
  Weight:  ?
  Hair: Black
  Eyes: Brown