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<right>Malcolm Vasiliou</right> <left>78ee413922db1f10c3c7ddb35a846237-d3iaa5c.jpg</left>
"Sometimes it's good to be bad."


<left>“Malcolm was in Chicago until just a little while ago, and now he is in Colorado. He's got a shop, Vasiliou Antiquities, and he seems to be starting to fit in. So, come on down, stop by the Trade Winds Cafe, and then come and browse the shining displays and find your own personal artifact.”. </right>


RP Hooks, and Opportunities


Malcolm runs a shop and gallery filled with antiques and fine art: Vasiliou Antiquities. He is a great contact for people with old things or the want to buy them.

RP Hook

Malcolm has some shady connections, maybe you should want to talk to him? Kapeesh?

rp hook

Malcolm is Quite the mover and shaker around town. Rebuilding destroyed buildings and generally helping out the city. It's not hard to find him.

Name: Malcolm Vasiliou
Occupation: Antiquities Dealer
Nature: Builder
Demeanor: Sensualist
Date of Birth: 2/6/1989
Height/Weight: 6 Foot/ 195lbs
Hair Color: black
Themesong: Limp Biskit - "Behind Blue Eyes"



Liam: Owner of the Wolf's Mantle Tavern and a good friend. "NORM!"
Darla: Arrows HURT Damnit!
Dawn: Don't let the people you associate with blind you to the truth.
Annabelle: Once I wanted her, now I can't live without her.
Billy: I don't wish to be anything more than a good soldier.
Aldulfr: He may be blind, but he is far better sighted then me.
Levi: He's left, fuck.
Andre: A Gansta, and this Ganster is going to work with him and make things all right.
Itsy: He's an odd duck, but somehow he's found a friend in me.
Molly: It's going to be interesting, this new partnership we have going.
Elijah: He's a guy that can find a laugh in everything.
Sofia: She's got a wonderful way with words.
Ella: She has a lot more going on than what shows.