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This brand has been around since 1846. I remember when it launched!

I don't wear just black. It's actually not just black on its own. I also wear fetching black, dashing black, refined black, seamless black, elegant black, noble black, light but dark black, dark black, ultra black, and pastel black, raven black, matte black, glossy black, and satin black, pitch black. So, no, I don't wear just black. I wear mainly a type of black. It can be awfully stressful getting ready in the morning when you have to pick between dashing black or fetching black or pitch black. There are so many options and I do struggle with it, but I get there eventually.

It is very important to always smile and be friendly so that nobody knows that you are the devil.

Today I sadly discovered I had depleted my supply of mulled wine, which is awfully tragic. So I'm guessing brandy will have to do instead. Such a subordinate drink.

di Moda Paradizio—Couture Boutique

Location: Elm & Eaton; see +yp/show 63

Encircling the tree planted for street shade are symmetrical stone stairs with a subtle marble finish that lead up to this French Provincial home. And encircling the stairs are two symmetrical ramps for handicap accessibility. Tall, landscaped bushes stand sentinel over the privacy of any who enter or leave. Each lane leads to a dais in front of a neoclassical frame of dusty rose stone that tapers to sunset pinks. At its apex, the street address.

Inlaid upon the topmost frame is the name: DI MODA PARADIZIO. Heavy wooden doors the color of French lavender are set behind ceiling-to-floor iron gates that close to reveal the perfect web of an orb spider. Curvature within the metal warp and weft at odd angles yields the impression of Art Nouveau imperfection and flow. Pointedly, there are no windows except for the second story.

Warp & Weft

Xty 2016.jpg Christy – Seamlessness.

Khoigreen1.jpg Khoi – Trends are for the anxious.




Full Name: Maria Paradizio

Nationality: Diva
Nature: Tosca
Demeanor: Carmen

Height: 5'3"
Hair/Eyes: Black / black