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Mason Odysseus Walker

It's not that difficult once you figure it out.
–M. Walker

Info Bomb


Apparent Age:    Mid 20s
Occupation:    Professional Gambler
Nature:    Cautious
Demeanor:    Friendly
Height/Weight:    6' / 180
Hair Color:    Brown
Eye Color:    Blue

xxxxxMason has been driving around the country for a couple of decades now and has decided to make Pokoh's Peak his home. An avid lover of gambling, Mason wins more than he loses and enjoys spending copious amounts of time in Blackhawk, one of the main reasons he chose central Colorado as a place to settle down. For now. Mechanically inclined, Mason is a fixer and is never quite as happy as when he's tinkering with vehicles, including his RV. A friendly sort, he's likely to offer his help without expecting reward. Mason is extremely loyal to those he considers friends.



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xxxxxTazzary - Cool kid. So much boom in a half pint package.
xxxxxEmmanuel - Seems like a pretty swell guy.
xxxxxHayami - A very nice woman.
xxxxxNatalie - Nat'n Mase? This is going to be fun.
xxxxxMadison - A down to earth girl, from what I can tell. Refreshing.
xxxxxGabriel - Cautious at first, but pretty chill once you get to know him.
xxxxxJulian - Far more there than meets the eye, big time.
xxxxxJudith - A welcoming presence.