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"Try and you'll know. Never try and you'll never know." - Unknown

Biographical Data
Name: Mathias Finch
Birthdate: March 19, 1998
Occupation: Vagabond Playboy
Nationality: Californian
Nature:  ???
Demeanor: Survivor

Quote: Weird flex, but ok.
Themesong: Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind

A drifter up from California who is a bit too eager to put his nose where it doesn't belong. Flirty and flighty, but genuine in his affections.

RP Hooks
  • Exploration/Adventure
  • Information/Gossip Play
  • Unforgivable Flirt
  • Aliyah - Never hurts to have a Prosecutor in your phonebook.
  • Asher - A fun flirt with a unique look.
  • Christmas - You're like what a black man imagines a white man imagines a black pimp to be.
  • Donovan - Pretentious.
  • Gaige - Fun.
  • Grayson - Nice enough, seems good for a beer and a chat. Got a chuckle out of him, and I call that a victory.
  • Jason - Chill out and stop TRYING to be the alpha dog, and actually BE the alpha dog, man.
  • Kori - We can never be more than friends, but I'll be as good a friend as you could ever want.
  • Kathryn - I don't deserve the patience you show me.
  • Lacey - Put down the pipe. Literally. Don't hit me with it! Okay, maybe hit me a little.
  • Lee - I can't help but find myself worrying about you.
  • Maria - As pure a heart as I've ever seen. I could see myself falling for you.
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