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"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." - Khalil Gibran

Biographical Data
Name: Lily Alexandra White Singh


Birthdate: March 28, 1992
Occupation: EMT/Cafe Owner
Nationality: American
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Caregiver
Apparent Age: 20's
Height: 5'3"
Adoptive Father: Alexander White
Husband: Musaphir
Daughter: Rebecca
Cabal: Sadhaka

Father: Robert Ballantyre
Mother: Claire Ballantyre
Brother: Joseph Ballantyre

Quote: True compassion means not only feeling another's pain but also being moved to help relieve it.
Music: [Rajendra Prasanna - Marwa- Indian Bamboo flute- Bansuri]
Music: [Aum namah Shivaya Mantra]
Music: [Durga Mantra]
Music: [Malhari]
Music: [Sentence]

Originally from Denver, Maya has returned to the area after a stint in New York City. She works for the Pokoh's Peak Fire Department as an EMT, taking many of the rural service areas, and has recently come into ownership of the Trade Winds Cafe, located in the downtown area. Even more recently, she and her husband have adopted a young girl, named Rebecca.

RP Hooks
  • Maya is a trained EMT working with the Pokoh's Peak Fire Department.
  • The Trade Winds Cafe and Book Nook. Maya has recently taken the cafe on and can be seen there often.
  • The Occult. Maya has a good grasp on the esoteric.
  • She is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, though recently she has given up her beloved Thunderbird.
  • Musaphir - My husband, my heart.
  • Roxanne - You seem to have found your path. I am glad.
  • Faisal - Respected teacher. I enjoy your classes the most.
  • Jacob - You are a treasured friend. If you ever need anything, I'll be there.
  • Giles - Highly intelligent, a man given to planning, and athletics, but make no mistake, hubris leads to a downfall.
  • Miriam - I like you already.
  • Tux - Easy to get along with, but your way of looking at things, like others of your training, is something I don't understand.
  • Ekta - You have been a godsend
  • Lucy - Your eastern philosophy is among the easiest to understand. The more I know of you, the more I like you. How odd, considering our differences.
  • Gavin - You're path has changed, but I am still uncertain as to its ultimate destination.
  • Cali - You have a kind heart. I hope that you will have the courage to face whatever is coming.
  • Evan - You have become a friend. You've been missed.
  • Donovan - Your tolerance and patience is appreciated.
  • Amunet - You are as close to a friend as any among your family.
  • Wenquian - Honorable and respectful, with a keen insight.
  • DeAndre Bailey - I hope that in the next life, your light shines straight and true.
  • Itsy - I don't believe I've ever met anyone like you.
  • Ayashe - Chatty little bird. Feel free to find a perch.
  • Chenoa - Nice girl. Brave. I'm glad to have met you.
  • Ouray - Crazy Wisdom. You walk the path of the sacred clown, unrepentant. Don't fall into the trap of simple prankster.
  • John - You have earned my respect.
  • Eirnin - You have much to offer, but where are you?
  • Christy - You have a good heart. It is my favorite thing about you.
  • Hollar - By turns, foolish, incomprehensible, and willing to pay costs no one should, still... you wear your heart on a sleeve.
  • Andre - Dangerous, but honorable, so long as you aren't on the wrong side.
  • Andrea - More enthusiasm than I've seen in a long time.
  • Arn - Your adherence to duty is faultless, but you wear pride like a chip on your shoulder.
  • Hideaki - Tense. Severe. Poor sense of humor.
  • Raven - You have made yourself irrelevant.
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The Chodona
The Eight-spoked Wheel of the Law
  • Prevabhnava: We testify to the existence of a Cycle of birth, death and rebirth that pervades the cosmos with its rhythm. We testify that the souls of humankind and all animate beings are conducted through this Cycle toward an eventual end. We testify that this Cycle is the Law of the universe. We swear to support this Cycle, and prevent its stagnation or corruption.

  • Hiranyagargha: We believe in the fundamental unity of all that exists, and that Creation springs from One original source, to which it will return. We further state that all animate beings carry within them the pure seed of this original source, no matter how corrupt their outer shell might be.

  • Kala: We avow that Decay and Entropy are part of the natural Cycle, and that all things must eventually decay to dust so as to return to the womb of the universe. We accept this as a part of our existence, and vow that we shall not cause ourselves undue pain in a futile battle with this principle. Rather, we shall harness the endless Wheel of Time and the secret Web of Fate as our allies in guarding the structure of the universe.

  • Gopaya: We have been given our insight and power for a purpose: to be guardians of humankind and of the world. This is our sacred duty from which we will stray only on pain of death and the loss of our souls. We will guard the Wheel and those caught in its thrall, regardless of the danger to our mortal existences or the suffering it may cause us.

  • Sadhana: One cannot remain pure without being controlled of the senses and the spirit. Hence, we vow to always seek our own spiritual betterment. We shall practice the rites, sing the sacred songs, and subject ourselves to trials to strengthen the body and will. We will resist the temptations of desire, no matter in which form they come to us.

  • Daya: It is impossible for us to complete our duty if we close our hearts to the suffering in the world around us. To attempt such would be to open our doors to corruption and evil. Thus we must never close our eyes to the pain of others, or to the pain our own actions cause.

  • Tyaga: Since action done for pleasure and one's own gain carries with it always the danger of corruption, we shall forego such actions. Our duty shall be done in the name of the cosmos, and offered in sacrifice to the cosmos. We shall eschew action that is created purely by our desires, for such action would threaten our souls and our duties.

  • Diksha: One can not properly enter a new life without a death, and one can not serve that which one does not understand. All who care to join our number, as part of their rite of entry, before they receive their names or their mantras, or their sacred tools, must walk on the other side of life. They must lay curled within the belly of death and return to us before we will count them in our number.