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"The circumstances you're born into are not your fault,
but it's up to you to climb out of it. Find out who you are, what you want to be and go for it."
- George Jenkins

Biographical Data
Name: Menkaure Manford
Birthdate: December 14
Occupation: County Assessor - Jefferson County
Nationality: US Citizen with East Indian and Israeli heritage
Nature: Benefactor
Demeanor: Meddler

Quote: I want to leave a lasting impression on Pokoh's Peak.
Themesong: Phantom by NateWantsToBattle

Menka is the interim Assessor for Jefferson County until the 2018 elections are held. She heads up all the county assessors who determine the value of all the property in Jefferson County so it can be taxed correctly. She is known to be the Director of the Charity the Aperta Society.

RP Hooks
  • County Government - If you like bureaucracy she's a good one to know
  • Property - because of her role, she generally has a good feel for the up and coming areas as well as where its a good place to pop a business or home.
  • East Indian Heritage - She's spent a fair amount of time with family overseas.
  • Charity - She has her hands heavily involved in charity work. Through Aperta, scholarships have been established. If you have an idea for something the charity can help with, approach!
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