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Trade Winds



Toasted multigrain w/butter

Toasted multigrain w/cheese & butter

Platter of Dutch Jams: orange marmalade, ginger, rosehip, applespread & chocolate flakes

Cheese Platter: baby edam, maasdam, goat cheese, gouda, cheddar

Toasted Bagel w/your choice of topping

Bacon & Eggs any style: hash browns, bacon, fruit

French Toast: egg, bacon, fruit, maple syrup


Omelette any style

Dutch Pancakes butter, berries, powdered sugar

Morning souffles bacon, cheddar, spinach, onion & mushroom

All Day

Smoked Chicken Salad: mixed greens, sweet potato, sundried tomatoes, parmesan & basil pesto dressing

Crumbled Prawn Salad: mixed greens, red onion, tomato, cucumber & sweet chili dressing

Burger Platter: fries, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese

Gado Gado: authentic Indonesian, bean sprouts, mixed vegetables, topped with peanut sauce & hard boiled egg

Dumpling Soup: ginger-chicken dumplings, fresh broccoli, spinach, napa cabbage blend, roasted mushrooms and Thai chili sauce in a hen broth

Sate: 2 skewers of marinated beef, chicken or lamb with atjar (pickled vegetables), krupuk (crackers), sate (peanut) sauce, crispy fried onions with bread, fries or rice

Ceasar Salad: romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, egg, croutons, parmesan cheese, served with ceasar dressing, tapenade & bread

Huzaren (Dutch Potato Salad): sumptuous portion of traditional, slightly pickled, smooth potato salad, topped with egg, sliced peppers, tomato and mayannaise, served with a green salad & bread


COFFEE: Espresso Italia Macchiato Cappucchino Latte Americano Mocha Turkish Kahvesi Cafe au Lait Dutch Kaffe Irish Coffee Frappe

TEA: Assorted Herbal Flavours Oolong Earl Grey Chai Latte Green Kuding Mate English Breakfast

OTHER: Fruit Juice Bottled Water Milk Soft Drinks Fruit Smoothies Hot Chocolate

Daily Specials

Spanish Sunday: Tortilla Espanola, Gazpacho soup, Assorted Tapas, Flan and Barcelona hot chocolate

Moroccan Monday: Lamb Meatballs (Kefta), Couscous, Harira Soup with Chebakkiya (soft pretzel) and Mint Tea.

Turkish Tuesday: Turkish Coffee, Falafel, Kebabs and Pilav (rice)

Westminster Wednesday: Fish and Chips, Mushy peas, Sticky Toffee pudding, Earl Grey Tea

Thai Thursday: Thai Iced Coffee, Spring rolls, Pad Thai with chicken

French Friday: Pot au Feu (Beef Stew), Herbed cheese croissants, side salad and Cafe au Lait

Shanghai Saturday: Green Tea, Xiaolongbao (Dumplings), Ba Bao La Jiang (Stirfried Chicken and Shrimp in bean sauce *Spicy), Yangchun Noodles, Caramel strawberry kebabs