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"'Tis ours, the dignity they give to grace

The first in valour, as the first in place;

That when with wondering eyes our confidential bands

Behold our deeds transcending our commands,

Such, they may cry, deserve the sovereign state,

Whom those that envy dare not imitate!"

Homer's Iliad. Book XII

The Basics
Blacksmithing - Michalea spends more time at the forge than anything else

Working out - Michaela has tremendous strengtth and works hard at keeping in shape Relaxing - She likes to go out in to the woods to walk. She also visits an out of the way hot spring on a regular basis Language - She swears more often than she should. Blame it on her Da.

Maeve -Took me in. Built a dream. I don't know if I will disappoint you.

Rafferty - Friend. Adventure buddy. Glad I have someone to talk to.

Gabrielle - Little nuts, but the Nockers always are. At least the ones worth having around

Jolon - Boss man. We don't talk much.

Deirdre - Good friend. Don't have many of those.

RP hooks
Smithing - She does that, not very advertised, though if you see her work you might be impressed

Bars - Likes Pub atmospheres, not big in to clubs

Work - She makes a lot of steampunk themed furnature at Greener Pastures, maybe request something of hers from Jolon

Michaela2.jpg Michaela3.jpg Michaela6.jpgWarhammer.png
Name Michaela Willow Smith
Occupation Blacksmith, Scrap Reclaimation
Nature Guardian
Demeanor Architect
Played By Stefanie Macherhammer
Height 6'0
Weight 175Lbs
Eye Color Golden Irises
Hair Color Red
Apparent Age Mid Twenties