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First and foremost, this is a game. While the real world is a generic backdrop, please check your real world job at the door. Coded dice determine results, even the best can and do fail sometimes. Humans heal at an accelerated rate (I've yet to have a bruise that disappears within hours). Guns work based on simple stats: we will also say this or that gun is military or not as best we know - we will be wrong, that's OK. ER victims are seen in minutes, not hours. We won't force garbage men to play out their job.

Ask for Rolls
Sometimes I will ask you for rolls, sometimes, I won't. If you want to make a roll about something PLEASE SAY SO. You are creative, smart and not me. That means you think differently than I do. So if you want to roll something, just page and let me know. I'll either say yes, no or huh - let me think about that first.

Don't Ask for Permission
If you want to take an action, don't page and ask me: hey is it ok if I put in a job to storm the castle? You don't need my permission to act. Just pop in the job, include the details so I can set the action in motion. And bam, action will take place! Sometimes you might want to ask NPCs for permission about something, but thats IC stuff, wholly different than asking me. Heck, sometimes they will say no, because they have their own agenda - them saying no does not equate to don't do it - it equates to the NPCs fulfilling their own desires and motivations (which may or may not be to your benefit).

Talk to Me
If you are unhappy with the game, your character, how stuff is being handled, the story I am telling or that you heard from someone that such and such happened and that's not fair? Talk to me. Approach me, be cordial, treat me like a fellow gamer bud. What I can explain, I will. Sometimes I make bad calls, and later change my mind, every good GM will do that. Sometimes there are complaints, I will listen to them, and address them. We are on a game all about communication, if we keep the lines open between one another, it just makes stories and experiences that much better.

I am regularly asked - what concepts are you looking for? This is a question that is hard to answer. Typically when I give a specific answer, the retort is "I don't want to play that, what else do you want?" This 'back and forth' is not helpful for either of us.

So what I want is less about a concept, and more about a type of player. Having players that are interested in following up on plots presented in multiple formats is the most important thing - whether it's from an NPC in the room with them, or even just seeing a post or hearing something through the course of RP, then popping in a job about it, is awesome.

While having a special character is important, I don't want something so special it's outlandish or bizarre. I want characters that make sense for the grid - the roving samurai works better as a visiting NPC than a character intended for long term play. The ancient Indian Guru that randomly came down from his mountain and moved to Pokoh's Peak just doesn't make sense.