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1836 - The first fur trapper's shack was built on the eastern slope of Pokoh's Peak.

1840 - small fur trade outpost setup.

1844 - Outpost partially burned down, twice.

1845 - Outpost abandoned after pressure from local tribes.

1850 - The Ute's signed a treaty which allowed settlers into their territory (of which Pokoh's Peak is a part).


1858 - Last part of the year, gold discovered in a tributary of the Poudre River and the streams near Pokoh's Peak.

1859 - City of Pokoh's Peak founded with the addition discovery of Gold Veins in the nearby mountains. Influx of miners known as Fifty-niners.

1860 - Gold Rush in full swing, miners gather at Pokoh's Peak.

1861 - February 28, Colorado Territory was created.

1862 - Spring melting causes gold mine collapse.

1864 - Silver found and began being mined in Clear Creek Canyon by Georgetown.

1866 - Silver discovered in Jefferson County.

1876 - Colorado becomes the 38th state of the Union.

1878 - Passage of the Bland-Allison Act authorizing the free coinage of silver helped ignite a need for Silver.

1880 - Silver Boom in full force for majority of the decade.

1888 - Railway is built on it's way to Aspen.

1893 - Silver Boom comes to an end with the repeal of the Sherman Act.

1913 - The big snow of 1913 goes down in the record books as one of the worst storms of the century. The 5-day blizzard paralyzes Denver, the Front Range, and the mountain communities as far west as Breckenridge.

1915 - Skiing takes off in Pokoh's Peak as the first ski runs open.

1933 - Flooding brings a difficult winter from the same storm that causes the Bear Creek Flood.

1940 - Uranium mining takes off.

1972 - Colorado rejects the offer to host the 1976 Winter Olympics.

1976 - Massive flooding of low lying areas. Big Thompson Flood.

1982 - December just before Christmas, massive Blizzard blankets area.

2013 - September - Colorado suffers massive flooding due to week long continual storm. Pokoh's Peak is spared, Gode Lake barely reaches flood stage.