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"Yea, like the green stuff."

Biographical Data
Name: Maurice Moss
Birthdate: June 17
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator/ Film Student
Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Visionary

Quote: "The truth is out there..."
Themesong: GMF - John Grant (NSFW language)

Local Boy: Moss has lived in Pokoh's Peak since he was three years old. His grandparents passed away last year but some of the older folks in the area may know the Moss surname as being associated with certain Banks in Denver back in the 1950s. He is a film student at Chilcott and he does photography around the town and in the local forests when the weather is suited to it. In high school he was leader of the AV Club for two years and an honors student for four years.

Youtube Fame(1):Have you ever found yourself clicking through an endless cycle of cute cat videos on youtube only to stumble along something called Haunted House has a Haunted Cat! at random... your mouse slowly gravitates toward the mysterious video? Only human nature to wonder...
Moss runs a channel dedicated to ghost hunting videos of all manner called HauntedSIGHTS, maybe you've seen one of his adventures?


The intense sea-foam of his eyes is a pale blue-green that wears a corona of deepest sapphire. Moss is a broad shouldered, well muscled, individual with sharp clever features. Dark hair kept short on the sides is left to flop over his brow in a lazy curl reminiscent of a half assed pompadour. He stands just an inch over six feet tall and in his earlobes he wears a pair of medium sized black plugs.

Moss sports inkwork in the form of two full sleeves, a neck piece, a chestpiece and a backpiece. The majority of his tattoos aren't visible in a t-shirt save for the sleeves and neck piece. Moss has portraits from famous people in history on his arms: Salvador Dali on his left shoulder, Bogart on his right wearing the signature coat and hat from Casablanca, there is a pinup style drawing of Hedy Lamarr on his left forearm... this is just to name a few.. all of this artwork is black and white. A large lotus flower with a slight blush of pink sits at the base of his throat visible just above the collar of his t-shirt.

The theme is black, skinny black jeans and a tight black shirt over which he wears a peat green colored suit vest that has a solid deep gray satin back. The golden chain for a pocket watch hangs apparent on the front of his vest and on his feet are a pair of heavy steel toed boots built for Colorado winter.


Kinsey - Kins? I'd stand by her side through thick and thin, good and bad, she's my oldest friend...

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