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"All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together."
Jack Kerouac

xxxxx Mustang is a famed writer who has spent the last several decades of his life wandering the world. He's a friendly, warm man who is ready to settle down and enjoy a certain sort of rustic comfort. His books have sold millions of copies, and the first one, 'John Americana' was even made into three popular seasons of a Showtime show a few years back. His books tend to mingle Americana (Or more European mindset and culture for the third book, which brought in a large European audience), along with internal-monologue and prose heavy descriptions of his encounters and travels. It's modern day Kerouac, and a lot of folks love it. In addition, it is written as hopeful and inspiring without coming across as self-help.

RP Hooks

  • Writer: As mentioned above, Mustang is a pretty well-known writer. He has three books published, with a third apparently in the works. He is known for writing his books while on the road.
  • Travel: Mustang has been all over the world, though most of his time was spent in America, Canada, France, Spain and Germany. He could have encountered folks in those places!
  • Satyr: He is a Grump of a Seelie Satyr. Being older, he tends not to wander around mindlessly indulging his carnal whims. He doesn't over-drink or do drugs, and he doesn't sleep with every pretty face he sees. He is passionate and warm and loving, and looking for the right person to settle with at his age. He's happy to let the younger Fae run around and have all of that fun. He's working to try and focus on learning more about taking up the old roles of Soothsay, like the Satyrs originally did.


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Mustang Hawthorne


Played By: Brad Pitt

Apparent Age: Mid-Thirties
Height: 6'
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue

Occupation: Writer