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Make your own nature, not the advice of others, your guide in life.

Oracle of Delphi

An unexpected child born to a couple of unprepared Native American hippies was given the name Mystis, after the nymph who initiated one into the Mysteries. Maybe they thought they were being funny, since the process of raising a child seemed a mystery to them.

Clearly living in the wrong era, she dances to the beat of her own drum. Or that of her lover, the big brooding dreadlocked ginger named Uthur. She avoids anything that looks like conventional living. In fact, no one is quite sure where she lives, but rumors abound. When weather allows, she gets around on an old but well tended Yamaha motorcycle.

During her time in Pokoh's Peak, her fashion has evolved. In the beginning she was often dressed like she stepped out of the Summer of Love, favoring billowy peasant skirts and form fitting tops adorned with beads and fringe. These days she has taken to wearing tight black leggings with girly boker boots that have just enough heel to give her a few more inches of height. If she's working, you'll see her in a corset and booty shorts; if she's dancing you'll see her in various states of undress. Her hair is long and full of impossible curls that seem to bounce and move as if they are alive. She wears a large moonstone pendant around her neck and is frequently seen handling it with a certain amount of sentimentality. On her left hand is a black onyx ring that matches the one Uthur wears. On her right hand is a simple ring of wire and a single, perfect pearl. Both wrists are adorned with wide silver cuff style bracelets with oval shaped turquoise gems laid into the center of them.

RP Hooks
  • Interested in a Tarot reading? She always has her cards on her.
  • Need to pour out your sorrows to your local trusted bartender? She'll be your confessor.
  • Got an event that's strange and unusual? You might see here there.
  • Animal lover? She won't shut up about her dog if you ask her.
  • Are you a downtrodden, repressed, outcast, rebellious, angst ridden or angry young (relative term) misfit? Common Ground there...

What's up with her?

Mystis is a bit of a "fixer". Got a problem? Her clever and quick mind will get right to work to solving the issue, albeit a little creatively. She doesn't believe doing something a certain way just because its always been done that way to be a noble cause. Rather, she'll actively seek to work outside the expected avenues.

As a poor kid growing on an Indian Reservation, she's known more than her fair share of being disregarded and underestimated. She'll drift to the outcast types and has been known to go out of her way to help someone down on their luck. Like Uthur, honor and respect mean a great deal to her. When given, she keeps her word. When offered, her friendship is the most loyal you'll know. But when crossed, you'll rue the day you ever saw her.

Opinions are like assholes...
(... everybody's got one. Ya really wanna know hers?)

  • Camarilla - "I haven't met a Prince or court yet that wasn't amusingly dysfunctional at best or dangerously inept at worst. Why would I pledge loyalty to THAT?"
  • Sabbat - "If you saw what they are capable of, you'd be scared too."
  • Mages - "I got no beef with the wand wavers. Come to think of it, I don't even think I know any close enough to have issues.*
  • Shifters - "So much much waste."
  • Changeling - "You mean the fairy tales my Grandfather taught were true?"

  • Uthur - He is my tribe.
  • Taylor - A true friend who frets over me like an old Jewish grandmother. I may have to choke her with a matzo ball one of these days.
  • Lottie - Princess indeed! Don't let anyone tell you different!
  • Jacob - I'm still not sure what angle you are working, dude. But I'm watching.
  • Andre - Oh, sweet Chocolate Rain. How can someone so thugalicious be such a dick swinging tool with no sense between his furry ears?
  • Michael - Your advice and knowledge is always appreciated, but you reluctance to get your hands the least bit dirty is a damn shame.
  • Cassandra - You got moxie, kid. Uthur did good with you.

Name Mystis
Aliases Fawn Lars, "damn dirty Injun"
Occupation Grifter/Stripper/Bartender
Nature Deviant
Demeanor Bon Vivant
Height 5'2"
Weight 130#
Eye Color Brown (on paper, reality has not been documented)
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age early 20's
Theme Song Sun and Shadow - Paul Espinoza/Mercedes Lackey