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Sometimes playing on a new mush can be frustrating, especially with new codes making it hard to just jump right in! So here are a few codes to make life a little easier on those first few days of roleplaying on Sheltering Skies.


Channel Communications
Multiple channels are used to communicate. Two of the first channels for your use are +newbie and +public, which will allow you to publically speak OOC to the players and staff. +public <your message> and +newbie <your message>. +pub and +new <your message> also works!
+help channels

To contact one or multiple players (or staff), with information, use +mail <recipient>=<title of mail>, THEN - <your message>. Yes, you must use the - in order to write into the +mail you began. To send: --
+help +mail

Pages are private messages between a player or a group of players. They are OOC in nature. to page someone it is: page name=message, or p name=message.
help page

Whisper and Mutter
Whispers and Mutters are IC routes of paging and will leave visible clues and comments in the room one is in. To do so it is: mutter name=mutter or whisper name=whisper.
help whisper
help mutter

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Use of +help will give an index of files covering a wide range of information, both OOC and IC.
+help and help

+news provides house rules and information on the fluctuating roleplaying world. This includes XP costs; lore, combat and sphere information; and basic ooc game policies.
+help +news

+today provides everything about the current day within the city, for example:

It is 06:16 on Tuesday the 25. day of November 2014. It is night.
Sunrise: 8:28 xxxxxSunset: 17:31
Moonrise: 01:25 xxxxxMoonset: 10:34
It is week 4 of the month and the last quarter moon is up.
The tide is high and slack.
Temperature range: 15 - 19 Cxxxxx59 - 66.2F
Cold rain falls from a grey-black sky without moon or stars. A raw wind blows from the east.
History: rain overcast overcast rain fog fog fair
+help +time

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+vote gives a vote and is an "I appreciate RPing with you". Similar to giving farewells before leaving a party. It is a portion of your xp earning, along with time on grid and reccs. You can do this by +vote (name) or +vote/here to do the whole room.
+help +vote

+recc gives a recommendation (which represent XP) to a specific person in the room and is a "Wow, that was hilarious/touching/sad/well-played". Its personalized and can be as simple as a one line cut-and-paste of the pose, to an 'Amazing portrayal of Toreador decadence!' To do this, type +recc playername=reason.
+help +recc

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+map allows one to find their way around the city of Pokoh's Peak and outlying areas. +map, +map/core, and +map/oc offer various views to traverse within.
+help +map

+yp stands for Yellow Pages, and is a listing of all the public businesses on grid - whether it is a player owned or game provided location. +yp/full gives a listing of all the businesses, while +yp/prof find specific professionals.
+help +yp

To instantly travel to a location on the grid, one uses @tel #number. Though it is recommended not to always take shortcuts and learn the grid!
help @tel

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