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"He is a man doing a job, just as we are. We are not enemies; the great and powerful are, safe in their steel towers." - Gaichu

Biographical Data
Name: Nicolas Quimby
Birthdate: 1997-01-15
Occupation: Security Technician

Songs: Lowlife


A mobile computer technician with more technology than just the civilian markets.

RP Hooks
  • (Garou) Local Ragabash - Need a scout? Some lively Litany debate? Nick is down.
  • Computer Technician - Got a computer problem? Network issues? General technology troubles? Well, Nick is your man to get things fixed up, with his mobile van full of parts and tools for the job.
  • Aliyah - Interesting. Good friend with a good family.
  • Donovan - Funny. Septmate. Good attitude and friendly.
  • Emmanuel - Good heart. Good friend.
  • Geordi - Fellow geek. Friend.
  • Georgie - Cute nerd. Friend. Fair boss.
  • Hayami - Alluring and adorable. Want to know better.
  • Kayla - Wild and fun. Great and lovely!
  • Sandra - Quiet. Septmate. Wise and patient.
  • Taya - Alpha. Friend. Mama wolf.

  • Cleo - You had a lot of ambition.
  • Erin - I wonder what happened to you?
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