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"For the nights are dark and full of Terrors." - Red Witch

Biographical Data
Name: Chordeiles Minor
Birthdate: Older than dirt.
Occupation: Mortal/Mortal+/XP Wiz
Nationality: American
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Caregiver

Quote: Wingin' it.
About Me

My mushing history began on a Star Trek MU (Head Nerd, thankyouverymuch) and my first experiences with WoD were via Metro:Toronto at Night in 2001. From then to now, I've staffed Changeling, Vampire and Mortal+/Mortal, plus done behind the scenes paperwork-type jobs (hence my XP job now). I enjoy running scenes for players that move forward a plot, give me insight into their PCs and/or cause them to go "OMG!" in so many words. I have a very busy RL which causes me to be slower with jobs and plots than some other staff, but like the tortoise, I eventually reach the finish line.  :)

Sphere Info
  • Mortal: These are easier to get on the game and quick to make.
  • Mortal+: Group work is powerful work. RAWR! Who says Mortal+ is weak?!
  • XP: This satisfies my need for routine paper-pushing. I know. Its weird.
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