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Taylor: This bitch apparently hasn't learned any chill in all those years of experience she likes to hold over my head. I think being that fucking stinking rich has put her a little too high on the mountain to remember what climbing it was like and she barks really loud about how much she remembers her roots when I point it out to her.
Gerhardt: The most flamboyant frog I'd ever like to fuckin' croak. He's got a really punchable face. I mean a really punchable face. With stubble on it. Fuck, I hate stubble. Looks ridiculous.
Griff: He's another guy I know. Don't know him well, but I know he doesn't like my buddies, so I'll just look to mine.
Liz: She's something.
Calamity: Heh, it's basically My Little Pawnee: Friendship Is Tragic with her. She's, uh, she's alright. She's grown on me. It's probably malignant.
Francis: Heh, I'd fuck him in a New York minute, tell you what, but I'm gonna keep it professional.
Tye: Yeah, I know him.

RP Hooks





Niyah2.png NormalNight.png

Basic Info

Name: Niyah (Nai-uh)

AKA: Julio Rodriguez, Niyah Rodriguez, Niyah Whitecorn, Valentine, and John Redcorn for shits and giggles.

Occupation: Repo-and-Wreckerman for San Juan Wrecker Service. Graveyard shift. Their service area covers Jefferson and Denver county.

Age: He looks like a 40 year old who looks like a 50 year old who looks good for his age, if you ask me.

Nationality: Comanche

Sphere: Nothing to see here.

Nature/Demeanor: Loner/Soldier

Notable Stats

Something's Wrong Here: There's something predatory percolating underneath the surface of his demeanor. All of his social rolls with mortal characters that aren't intimidation-based are at +2 difficulty. If you feel like your character would pick up on this aura of menace, I won't be surprised at all if you ICly treat my character with suspicion and so on.

Character Tropes

Honor Before Reason

Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk

Because I'm Good At It

Berserk Button

The Gunslinger


Drives Like Crazy

The Precious, Precious Car


Southbound Or North Sasquatch And The Sickabillys

I'm an agent of the sun and goddammn I'm afraid of the moon!
I've slept in evil places and I've walked across hell's ruins.
It made me tough as nails, yet I'm still afraid of the moon!
What if I go southbound or north? Which way will redeem?
Yeah I live in a darkened place of eternal extreme
Yeah that's me, I'm the one with the anger, that's me
I'm the one with the anger machine

Knockdown, Dragout Love Life Unknown Hinson

As I heard the sirens and seen them blue lights comin' to apprehend me,
She stood in the doorway, and giggled (a lot), and made fun of my destiny.
Then the sheriff approached me and read me my rights
As he gazed at her bruises and cuts
Then he said, "Son, you're goin' back to the joint",
Then I screamed to her, "I HATE YOUR GUTS!"

Thought Police Brigade Sasquatch And The Sickabillys

The tiny lives you've labeled don't include me.
No, I'm the King of Everything, can't rule me.

My Love Forevermore The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Why can't we cut the ropes and let that poor fool go?
Don't you go getting weak on me, not when I need you so!

Blood, Sweat And Murder Scott H. Biram

You know I can't never hurt you, so I went downtown
I found me a little woman and I wrung her fuckin' neck.