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"There's this critical point where you stay single for too long when your brain goes from, ‘No, don't say that,’ to, ‘Ahhh, say it. See what happens.’"

Bill Burr

The river's cold and black and the bottom's a long way down
Niyah is here because Colorado is full of high and lonesome places. Those abandoned mesas are far more priceless than you can imagine for a guy like him, for reasons that you can't. He's come with company, and he doesn't answer questions. Sometimes, he'll check into a bar for a night of normalcy, away from the cold, and someone will try to break the ice: “What brings you here?“

A fucking truck, friendo.

RP Hooks
Skills For Hire

San Juan Wreckers: Niyah works nights for a wrecker-and-repo company based about 30 miles out of Pokoh's Peak. Business is best on winter nights, cleaning up after wrecks and fishing unfortunates out of ditches if they're lucky, and off the side of the mountains if they're dead. It's a versatile assortment of equipment that a wrecker company has, good for far more than moving things. Maybe if you need to find something or someone, Niyah could be paid to do it.

Shooting Lessons: He's not Jerry Miculek, but he's close. If you want lessons, he's provided, and he'll provide 'em again, if you pay for the time and the bullets. And of course, mind-your-own-fucking-business guy like him probably offers more than just shooting lessons.

Moving Drugs: In his Texas-Mexico days, he would keep 'em in his teeth in saran wrap and -- Whoah-oho-ho-oah, you -- just ate the most acid I ever seen anybody eat in my life. I hope you're not busy for about a month.

Shared Interests

Fighting: Skill is a use-it-or-lose-it. You want to practice sparring, let's do it. Getting your head slammed into the floor is way easier on the skull than the hood of a 'vic or a charger, so, if he's looking for a fight, then usually it's the kind you shake hands over at the end.

Shared Origins

New York: The last time Niyah was seen in a major city, he was in New York. That was the 90s. He's got a history of flitting around and doesn't spend more than a couple years in any city.

Southwest Colorado: After New York, it was Montrose and Ridgway that the man lived around, mostly boondocking out on mesas and national forests and swinging in to tourist-trap Telluride for a night out. The world is just somehow smaller in San Juan county, and if you've been there before, you may've seen his unaging mug ten years ago.

Native: Listen, you can pay Niyah to kill people way cheaper than you can pay him to ever go back to his hometown, and fuck you if you ask him where that is. All he'll tell you is, if he ever gets homesick enough, he can just duct tape a blanket over the passenger window. But, when he does see a fellow Native, it doesn't really matter what tribe they're from, he wants to meet and know you. Unless you turn out to be Tonkawa. He's got a grudge straight out of the late-teen-hundreds that pretty much only survives notice because he's nowhere near people who would bring it up.

The Burger King Kids' Club:

Easter, aka 'Little-Deer-Runs-Through-Macy's-With-My-Fucking-Credit-Card': We tried our luck, we made a buck, so lean back, have some fun.

Halloween: This is going to be fuckin' hilarious when it works out.

Rosh: Hey narubʉ, you keep it up, we'll do the work and get 'em to read the fuckin' manual.

Christmas: Waitin' on you, Holiday.

Everybody Else:

Taylor: I pissed you off somethin' hilarious, and let me tell you: 10/10. Would do again. Ain't my fuckin' fault you've got some guilty conscience, and it ain't my fuckin' fault you told people who you really come from.

Griff: I ain't doin' you any favors because I don't know who the fuck you are. But, I'm willin' to figure out who the fuck you are.

Asher: You got a real fuckin' weird way of getting to know people.

Liz: “Dude, that's fuckin' retro” is the best thing I've heard anybody say this year.

Name One of these days someone's going to ask him if it shouldn't be "Redcorn" but he's got $20 riding on how long it's going to take.
AKA Julio Niyah Rodriguez, Valentine
Occupation I've taken little white pills, I'm seeing white lines, you know that log book, well she's way behind.
Nationality Depends on whether you're blinding me through the driver's side window with a goddamn mag-light.
Height 5'7"
Weight Depends on which convenience store I'm leaving.
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blue-Black
Apparent Age Like a 40 year old who looks like a 50 year old who looks good for his age.
Tunes Sasquatch and the Sickabillys: Southbound Or North

Hillbilly Moon Explosion: My Love Forevermore

Scott H. Biram: Truck Driver