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Nuru Rawana

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." - Langston Hughs

Biographical Data
Name: Nuru Rawana
Birthdate: A lady never tells!
Occupation: Owner/Operator Pokoh's Peak Cantina and Brewery
Nationality: Well-Traveled American
Hobby: Travel! Adventure!
Entertainment: Storytelling!

Father: Kofi
Mother: Mehklit

Quote: "Did I ever tell you the story about..."
Themesong: [One Hand In My Pocket-Alanis Morissette ]


For those few that notice Nuru, she is fun-loving woman who seems to be in her early 20's and enjoys a good brew. She is a reoccurring citizen of Pokoh's Peak, disappearing for weeks on end before returning with stories of her journeys for any unwary patron of Pokoh's Peak Cantina and Brewery of which she's owner and operator. With a quick wit and great imagination, the cantina is a lively place of riddles, jokes and fellowship for those given to flights of fancy.

RP Hooks
  • If its got the possibility of adventure, Nuru is there! And her timing is impeccable.
  • Nuru will play with swords, knives and fists, but pull out gun and the fun ends!
  • There's a long history behind her family's ownership of the cantina. Oh, and don't mess with them. It'll piss her off.
  • Nuru's been seen on the Ute Reservation quite bit over the many years she's been in the city.
  • Wait, does her car have HUGE stainless steel balls dangling off the back?? What a stud!
  • Marriage. Who'a'thunk it? It was probably his stories and lovely music!
  • Donovan - My challenge partner, my dear friend, my love, my husband.
  • Moira - A dear friend and ally. But, that /man/ you're dating....
  • Jimmy - Scoundrel. For the Good or Bad is yet to be seen, but Moira believes in you.
  • Rafferty - Road-buddy, my dear friend, brother and partner in 'crime. Until we meet again!
  • Selena - Put her in the ring and watch the foot and fist work begin! Go, go, Sel!
  • Jolon - A true gentleman with a heart of gold and a regular at the cantina: Noooorm!
  • Enola - A cooler cucumber can not be found!
  • Cali - Sweet thing. Such a famous person!
  • Jacob - Helpful beyond measure.
  • Hollar - Help or hindrance. Time will tell.
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