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“A good man is a friend of all living things.”
- Mahatma Ghandi

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 XbPgxoK.png Overview

xxxxxOz is a Park Ranger. He's from Colorado Springs area. He is very cool and aloof. Even his smiles often give the vibe it is rather forced.

 XbPgxoK.png Hooks
  • Park Ranger -I'm a park ranger at Drifter's Gully State Park. Hang out there, have business there? Hit me up.
  • Law Enforcement -I'm part of the law enforcement services, need some help, hit me up.
  • Changeling -Have business with the changelings? I'm the man in charge of Security.
  • Garou & Fera -I've messed with them, and have an idea of what they are. Are you one? Want to hang out?

 XbPgxoK.png Gallery

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Profile XbPgxoK.png  

Full Name: Oscar "Oz" Guntherson
Fae Name: Ioan Dugfusson ap Aesin
Apparent-Age: Mid to Late Thirties
Occupation: Lead Park Ranger

Height: 6'4"
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue

Seeming: Grump
Court: Seelie
Kith: Sidhe
House: Aesin
Title: Knight-Captain

Surreal Quality
Slipped Seeming
High Appearance

Contacts XbPgxoK.png  

ciq7hgis.jpg Izak Guntherson - My son. 'Nuff said.
vPTty3ss.jpg Diamond Bae - An interesting little woman. A silver key? Really.
sYhh0r6s.jpg Jolon Talltrees - He gives the term mountain, a new meaning in a man.

XbPgxoK.pngOOC Masque & You XbPgxoK.png
I'm an adult. You're an adult. Information on this wiki page is considered out of character. If you use the Changeling specific information, make sure that you have a viable reason to know the information.