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Open Character Spheres

Creation References

Roleplaying References
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Game Philosophy
Sheltering Sky is a different type of a game than you typically find. We are trying to meld some of the older MUSH paradigm with the newer ones. At Sheltering Sky, our focus is Storyteller Plots: plots that will cross spheres, reach beyond the gridded city, and have the chance to change the world - for good or bad. While this is our focus, we recognize there are not many today who want to Staff. As such, we encourage players to run PrPs, one offs, and add to the world that is Sheltering Sky in ways we will are not able.

We have limits where other games do not. We acknowledge this will cost us numbers (ie, number of alts). We feel limits are need, to keep the stories we tell, focused and on track. We will sacrifice numbers and free form, to keep Sheltering Sky a game we are proud to Volunteer on. We want strong stories, dynamic characters and creative thinking to be rewarded.

We recognize not everyone signs in to a game for those reasons. Those who prefer bar RP, limited involvement in big plots, social grace - are absolutely welcome here on Sheltering Sky. We want to be up front though: their enjoyment is not our driving force nor is their enjoyment what shapes our policies. We will never be anything and everything. If that makes Sheltering Sky awesome for some unpalatable for others, we are A-OK with that.

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This MUSH recognizes that a player may experience an extended leave such as the summer break or a temporary work assignment. Use of the vacation attribute will save your character from being automatically removed from the MUSH after 90 days of inactivity. Characters with vacation flags set will be removed from the MUSH after their vacation date passes. Characters with vacations longer than six months, will be removed at the six month mark.

If you are going to be away from the game longer than 6 months, please speak with your sphere wiz before your departure (if possible). Because we will not store characters beyond that period, it is urged, that you keep your character information offline. You can always re-upload it later providing you have spoken with your respective Sphere Wiz first.

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Character Retirement
Sometimes a character manages to stick it out over the course of years and gain a large amount of XP. As we consider ourselves a beginner to mid-level character game, we have implemented a cap on XP. When you reach 900 XP, you will eventually be asked to retire (sometimes it takes us a little while to notice).

You will be able to take up to 40 percent of your total accrued XP to your next character. The final percentage you take, will be determined by your Wizard, and will be dependent on how you acted OOCly as a player AND how you are writing your character out of the game. This XP can only be spent /after/ approval and will count towards your total XP on the new character.

On average, you can expect 30 percent to transfer.

Sometimes a character doesn't work out. Sometimes a character's group doesn't stick around, leaving the character too far changed for comfort. Sometimes you play a character for three years, revitalizing again and again, but eventually hit a great end story. We recognize that this happens. If your character isn't working out, you have lost interest in it, etc. You can retire your character. You will be able to take up to 35 percent of your total accrued XP to your next character. The final percentage you take, will be determined by your Wizard, and will be dependent on how you acted OOCly as a player AND how you are writing your character out of the game. This XP can only be spent /after/ approval and will count towards your total XP on the new character.

On average you can expect 25 percent to transfer.

Alert your staffer of your intent to retire via +request


+myjob/create req/Retirement Package=Please note my total XP from (retiring character) and place the percentage I can take on (new character).

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Character Death
A player whose character is killed has the option to transfer up to 50 percent of their total XP to a new character they create on Sheltering Sky. For example, if your character has 8/183 XP at the time of death, then up to 92 XP can be transferred to the new character. This XP can only be spent /after/ approval and will count towards your total XP on the new character. On average you can expect 35 percent to transfer.

The conditions under which this rule applies are as follows:

A player whose character dies in a Timestop or PrP, but dies well (that is, without the player whining, crying, ranting, etc.). Character death happens, a good attitude OOC will maintain the high transfer of XP. The worse the attitude (complaining, yelling, logging off in a snit, page abusing other players, slandering other players) the less the XP carry over there will be. This amount will be reduced to 0 if your sphere wizard and Godstaff agree behavior was rotten.

We do not have PC Wills. If/when your PC dies your build will revert to the RER unless your Sphere Wizard deems it needed for their sphere.

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Heron Mage / GOD Can Judge: All
Bushtit TBA Can Judge: All
Gyrfalcon Vampire Wizard Can Judge: All
Nighthawk XP, Changeling Wizard Can Judge: Vampire, Changeling, Mortal+
Hawk Mortal Wizard Can Judge: Mortal, Mortal+
Vulture Mortal+ Wizard Can Judge: Mortal, Mortal+
Killdeer Coder Can Judge: None
Dove Building Wizard Can Judge: None

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oWoD Version
The Sheltering Sky: Colorado by Night, is what's known now as an oWoD game. The publisher of the systems has released a new set of games with similar names, but with significant differences. These are collectivly known as nWoD. The systems in use here are:

Hunter: the Reckoning is not supported.

What this means is Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Awakening, and Werewolf: The Forsaken are not used here.

If you need to get a copy of the books, take a look at where you can purchase PDFs of the systems, and the additional books. eBay may also have some copies available

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I told someone "No" and they asked why, and I said "'This isn't a strategy game. It's a roleplaying game, and I am the storyteller.'" And they felt that was a lame excuse. Let me show you why I need to be able to make decisions based completely on my conception of story with this example.

I am a mage. I have dex 3, perception 3, firearms 3, weaponsmith 3. I have corr 1, forces 3, prime 2, time 3. It takes twenty successes to craft a single charm bullet. With time 3 and not doing anything else, I can craft, without paradox, an average of three bullets a week. With a final spell of 10 successes, and three points of tass, I can have three bullets that not only do bullet damage, but 7 levels of aggravated damage per hit. Terrifying, eh?

Now, imagine a mage with access to one of the many nodes on the game. I could produce three of these bullets an IC week on average without even breaking a sweat /or/ draining the node. By the end of a year, I could have 156 bullets that do 7 levels of aggravated damage /plus/ normal weapon damage.

This is why I say "no" sometimes--especially when crafting wonders--when it is completely within your ability to do it, /mechanically/. But no mage would spend a whole year crafting nothing but magic bullets. It's ridiculous. It would also make a horrific story. Thus, sometimes when I feel that you are focussing too much on mechanical advantage, or that you are having your character do something that they wouldn't ICly do (your character exists even when you aren't on, and they'd get bored of making bullets), I will simply say no. I hope you agree that I have to be able to do this.

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Alt Policy
  • Players are allowed 2 supers total. Each super must be in a separate sphere.
  • Super Spheres are as follows: Changeling, Mage, Psychic/Sorc, Shifter, and Vampire
  • If a character crosses spheres; ie Kinfolk/Mage, or Psychic Consor - the second super can not be part of either sphere. So for a Kinfolk/Mage, the second super could be in Changeling, Psychic/Sorc or Vampire.
  • Players are allowed as many mortals as they can reasonably handle.
  • Alt interaction: Alts should not be in the same room together. Close ties between the two should be avoided where possible. Ie: don't be with one alt a lover and with the other, your lover's best friend. It's in bad taste and leads to problems. If staff feel interaction between alt relationships has become an issue, you will be asked to give one up. XP transfer would follow retirement rules.
  • A 'sphere alt' is any character other than a basic, normal mortal. Someone who is run beneath a sphere wizard other than Mortal Wizard. So even if you were a purely Mortal Businessman, if you were of the Wyrm, ran with the Black Spirals, and worked for the Shifter Wiz because of it, you are classed as a 'sphere-alt' in these rules.
  • In most games, the term 'Mortal+' is used for a Mortal who has just a few advantages over the Supernatural, while 'Super' is classed for the supernatural creatures. While the definition applies, for the purposes of alts, we classify a Mortal+ as a Supernatural as well.

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