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  • Players are allowed 2 supers total. Each super must be in a separate sphere.
  • Super Spheres are as follows: Changeling, Mage, Psychic/Sorc, Shifter, and Vampire
  • If a character crosses spheres; ie Kinfolk/Mage, or Psychic Consor - the second super can not be part of either sphere. So for a Kinfolk/Mage, the second super could be in Changeling, Psychic/Sorc or Vampire.
  • Players are allowed as many mortals as they can reasonably handle.
  • Alt interaction: Alts should not be in the same room together. Close ties between the two should be avoided where possible. Ie: don't be with one alt a lover and with the other, your lover's best friend. It's in bad taste and leads to problems. If staff feel interaction between alt relationships has become an issue, you will be asked to give one up. XP transfer would follow retirement rules.
  • A 'sphere alt' is any character other than a basic, normal mortal. Someone who is run beneath a sphere wizard other than Mortal Wizard. So even if you were a purely Mortal Businessman, if you were of the Wyrm, ran with the Black Spirals, and worked for the Shifter Wiz because of it, you are classed as a 'sphere-alt' in these rules.
  • In most games, the term 'Mortal+' is used for a Mortal who has just a few advantages over the Supernatural, while 'Super' is classed for the supernatural creatures. While the definition applies, for the purposes of alts, we classify a Mortal+ as a Supernatural as well.

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