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A player whose character is killed has the option to transfer up to 50 percent of their total XP to a new character they create on Sheltering Sky. For example, if your character has 8/183 XP at the time of death, then up to 92 XP can be transferred to the new character. This XP can only be spent /after/ approval and will count towards your total XP on the new character. On average you can expect 35 percent to transfer.

The conditions under which this rule applies are as follows:

A player whose character dies in a Timestop or PrP, but dies well (that is, without the player whining, crying, ranting, etc.). Character death happens, a good attitude OOC will maintain the high transfer of XP. The worse the attitude (complaining, yelling, logging off in a snit, page abusing other players, slandering other players) the less the XP carry over there will be. This amount will be reduced to 0 if your sphere wizard and Godstaff agree behavior was rotten.

We do not have PC Wills. If/when your PC dies your build will revert to the RER unless your Sphere Wizard deems it needed for their sphere.

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