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Sheltering Sky is a different type of a game than you typically find. We are trying to meld some of the older MUSH paradigm with the newer ones. At Sheltering Sky, our focus is Storyteller Plots: plots that will cross spheres, reach beyond the gridded city, and have the chance to change the world - for good or bad. While this is our focus, we recognize there are not many today who want to Staff. As such, we encourage players to run PrPs, one offs, and add to the world that is Sheltering Sky in ways we will are not able.

We have limits where other games do not. We acknowledge this will cost us numbers (ie, number of alts). We feel limits are need, to keep the stories we tell, focused and on track. We will sacrifice numbers and free form, to keep Sheltering Sky a game we are proud to Volunteer on. We want strong stories, dynamic characters and creative thinking to be rewarded.

We recognize not everyone signs in to a game for those reasons. Those who prefer bar RP, limited involvement in big plots, social grace - are absolutely welcome here on Sheltering Sky. We want to be up front though: their enjoyment is not our driving force nor is their enjoyment what shapes our policies. We will never be anything and everything. If that makes Sheltering Sky awesome for some unpalatable for others, we are A-OK with that.

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