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One Shots

Oneshots are scenes that have minimal impact on the greater game. They are single, encapsulated scenes that start and end, without any followup; a fun, quick scene to give more depth to a character. Common Oneshots would be: bar brawls, muggings, or an NPC pickpocket scene that would allow you to pawn items for your resources. For shifters it might include bane hunting and for vampires, a feeding scene. Oneshots typically use minimal powers.

One shots that do not involve NPC supers, or major NPC mortals (mayor, judges, police captain, etc) do not require staff approval. Oneshots should have minimal impact on the world, but can give you a chance to explore the darker aspects of the game on your own terms.

Powers and combat can be used in Oneshots. Anyone present can do a +staffcall for adjudication, though it is not required. If there are no staff available, please feel free to reach out to known PrP runners, they may be able to assist as well.

Player Run Plots

A player run plot (PrP) is a multi-scened plotline, created for a small group of players, that is run by another player. PrPs on Sheltering Sky need only be approved by the wizard of the sphere of those involved. If supernatural elements (NPCs, items, etc.) from another sphere will be introduced via the PrP you will also need approval from the wizard such NPCs/items belong to.

PrPs do not operate in a vacuum. It is possible when you run a PrP other players will hear about it and desire to get involved. Staff will help facilitate this when it occurs. Eg: Bob the shifter has permission to run a Sabbat incursion on a pack's territory. Other vampires hear about it through rumors or the PCs. Staff will assist Bob with the unexpected vampire involvement.

If there are contentions mid-scene about a ruling, please see +help +staffcall.

PrP Runner's will have access to certain commands that other players do not. This is to facilitate the action and consequences of a plot; such as setting and removing damage.

Running a PrP: you will receive 1 XP when the plot is completed.

Player in a PrP: you will receive .5 XP when the plot is completed.

How to Submit a PrP:

+srequest PrP: Title=Details

The title should be short and self explanatory.

Details should include the following:

Who - Who are the key players (PCs) at inception. We understand the number involved might grow, but who is the plot designed for?

What - What items (if any) are you hoping characters will gain as an end result of this plot?

When - Roughly how long will the plot be running. How many scenes do you think you'll run.

Where - Where is the plot taking place? If it's on grid what grid space/room. If it's off grid, where?

Why - Here we're looking for the purpose of your plot. What are the plot goals?

NPCs - If you will be making NPCs, give a general idea of who/what they are. We don't need full sheets, just a couple of sentences giving us an idea. This includes supernatural NPCs.

PrPs and OOC Masq

When you run a PrP, you are effectively making yourself a part time Storyteller. What this means: you can judge combat, powers, merits, flaws and interpret jnotes the PCs share with you. Yes - this means you could learn secrets about other characters if the other player shares them with you. You can not use these secrets as your character. You must be able to maintain that separation of IC and OOC information.

If you are participating in a PrP, it is assumed you will share needed information with the Runner. If you have a phobia to Dogs and they are running a rogue pack of 42 chihuahuas you should inform them of the Phobia so rolls/spends can be made. You should give them the same courtesy during a scene, as you would a Staff Storyteller.

If there are contentions mid-scene about a ruling, please see +help +staffcall.

PrP Participation

Participation in a PrP is never mandatory. In theory, the Runner will be running for a core group that is aware there is a plot for them. However, PrPs do not operate inside a bubble, so we fully expect players outside that core group to get word of something happening.

When we receive jobs related to a PrP being run, we will approve them with a variation of the following: This is a PrP run by (Name). If you are interested in continuing your action, please contact (Name) with the details you included in this job.

This will put choice of playing in a PrP on the new participant, rather than creating awkward moments where a PrP Runner contacts someone who put in a job and subsequently gets told nevermind. This will allow those who wish to maintain a stringent OOC Masq control over who they share details of their character with.

PrP Updates

When you are running a PrP, your original job will remain open until the PrP is completed. About once every two weeks you should add the following:

What scenes have you run? 1-2 sentences paraphrasing
Are any posts needed? This means media, stuff for crime board, police board etc.
What is coming up? where/what big plans
NPCs used? Who did you use from your original submission
NPCs needed? We recognize that plots sometimes grow beyond the plan, but we still need to know how you are using (we can't have a rash of dead hobo's, dead cops, kidnapped kids etc).
Spheres involved? What spheres have taken an interest/which PCs are getting into things.