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Whispers Say...
xxxxxOn Sheltering Sky, the Psychic and Sorcerer sphere will be focused on showing that "lesser" powered individuals can overcome greater foes. Oftentimes Psychics and Sorcerers look at themselves as weaker and less intrinsic to the stories on a MU, however at Sheltering Sky this is not the case.

xxxxxPsychics and Sorcerers have, at their fingertips, a vast array of skills that can put them among the most versatile characters on the grid. Work together as a group, there is very little the Psychic and Sorcerer cannot accomplish - both to the benefit and detriment of the city.

xxxxxWhile Psychics and Sorcerers are independent of the Mage sphere, it is natural for there to be collusion between the spheres and this is not discouraged. In the book, Sorcerers are viewed as a sub-sphere of Mage, perhaps even a step toward Awakening. To be clear, NO Awakening will be run ongrid. Mages applications are handled separately and enter the teaching Chantry as students, and students can not have apprentices.

Banned Concepts, Sheet Stats, etc.
Ability Limits
  • I will not accept 5 ranks in anything but attributes in character generation.
  • You should only have two or three abilities with a rank of 4. My preference is one. If you have two or three rank 4s in abilities, please make sure that they are justified in your backstory. I am reluctant with as it gives you very little to work for.


  • Crafter concepts: You may take Alchemy and Enchantment as part of your basic package, but I watch craft concepts very carefully. Remaining in your stronghold and churning out magic items will result in the denial of experience spends.
  • Supernaturals and Supernatural Kin. Psychics and Sorcerers do not have to be beholden to the larger races. Supernaturals will not be permitted to join.
  • Occult/New Age Bookstores/Owners


  • True Faith
  • Medium
  • Style Sleeper


  • We use only the abilities out of Sorcerer Revised and Dreamspeaker Tradition Revised.

Wiz: Vulture


Only TRADITIONAL SORCERER and PSYCHIC applications are accepted at this time. No cross-sphere applications. Those with existing allegiances to other spheres (kinfolk, kinain, ghouls, etc.) will report to the other spheres. Those with out allegiances will report to me.

Due to past assumptions, I want to stress: IC Awakening is NOT available. If you wish to play Mage, please apply to the Mage sphere.

Thank you.

Tradition Sorcerer: (2) OPEN
Technocratic Sorcerer: (0) CLOSED
Psychic: (0) OPEN

Approved Books
Note: Books below are superceded by House Rules. Please check M+ specific house rules for changes to the books below; and be aware that MU-wide policies and House Rules also may supercede these books.

Tradition Book: Dreamspeaker (Revised) WW4662 ISBN: 1-58846-400-8
Mage Core Rulebook (Revised) WW4600 ISBN: 1-56504-405-3
Sorcerers (Revised) WW4254 ISBN: 1-58846-439-8
Vampire Core Rulebook WW2300 ISBN: 1-56504-249-2
Werewolf Core Rulebook (Revised) WW3801 ISBN: 1-56504-365-0

Feel free to suggest other books for review.


Staff Philosophy

First and foremost, this is a game. While the real world is a generic backdrop, please check your real world job at the door. Coded dice determine results, even the best can and do fail sometimes. Humans heal at an accelerated rate (I've yet to have a bruise that disappears within hours). Guns work based on simple stats: we will also say this or that gun is military or not as best we know - we will be wrong, that's OK. ER victims are seen in minutes, not hours. We won't force garbage men to play out their job.

Ask for Rolls
Sometimes I will ask you for rolls, sometimes, I won't. If you want to make a roll about something PLEASE SAY SO. You are creative, smart and not me. That means you think differently than I do. So if you want to roll something, just page and let me know. I'll either say yes, no or huh - let me think about that first.

Don't Ask for Permission
If you want to take an action, don't page and ask me: hey is it ok if I put in a job to storm the castle? You don't need my permission to act. Just pop in the job, include the details so I can set the action in motion. And bam, action will take place! Sometimes you might want to ask NPCs for permission about something, but thats IC stuff, wholly different than asking me. Heck, sometimes they will say no, because they have their own agenda - them saying no does not equate to don't do it - it equates to the NPCs fulfilling their own desires and motivations (which may or may not be to your benefit).

Talk to Me
If you are unhappy with the game, your character, how stuff is being handled, the story I am telling or that you heard from someone that such and such happened and that's not fair? Talk to me. Approach me, be cordial, treat me like a fellow gamer bud. What I can explain, I will. Sometimes I make bad calls, and later change my mind, every good GM will do that. Sometimes there are complaints, I will listen to them, and address them. We are on a game all about communication, if we keep the lines open between one another, it just makes stories and experiences that much better.

I am regularly asked - what concepts are you looking for? This is a question that is hard to answer. Typically when I give a specific answer, the retort is "I don't want to play that, what else do you want?" This 'back and forth' is not helpful for either of us.

So what I want is less about a concept, and more about a type of player. Having players that are interested in following up on plots presented in multiple formats is the most important thing - whether it's from an NPC in the room with them, or even just seeing a post or hearing something through the course of RP, then popping in a job about it, is awesome.

While having a special character is important, I don't want something so special it's outlandish or bizarre. I want characters that make sense for the grid - the roving samurai works better as a visiting NPC than a character intended for long term play. The ancient Indian Guru that randomly came down from his mountain and moved to Pokoh's Peak just doesn't make sense.

Aperta Society
History of the Aperta Society

xxxxxIn 1879, George Thompson arrived at the city of Pokoh's Peak. Back east, his talents as an accomplished sorcerer had been discovered by those who didn't understand and he fled West to avoid mob justice. Living towards the edge of town, he spent his time alone, out of the prying eyes of the common people and focusing on his rituals and perfecting his works. In 1890, the dreams started. At first they weren't bad, one might even say they were pleasant. Roaming the wild lands of Colorado and basking in the sunlight. Then the shadows would come, and the sunlight turned to inky clouded skies. Trees turned to living screaming torches exploding around him. From one tree to the next the living flame would spread, herding him towards a rocky precipice where a small, high altitude plant blossomed.

xxxxxCaroline Meredith was born in the Colorado territory the same year it was established. She was a peculiar child in the wilds of the West; as a toddler she'd taken to wandering from the homestead and into the woods. She was never attacked by an animal or a rogue Indian; she somehow managed to blend in with the world around her with unnatural skill. When asked she'd say she talked to the animals, and they liked her, and that Indians and strangers only saw her when she wished they could. Rumors circulated about her as she grew older, so she always stayed on the edge of the settlements. She was able to squeak out a living, but she was relegated to the world of an uneducated spinster. In 1890, the dreams started. At first they weren't bad, one might even say they were pleasant. Roaming the wild lands of Colorado and basking in the sunlight. Then the shadows would come, and the sunlight turned to inky clouded skies. Trees turned to living screaming torches exploding around her. From one tree to the next the living flame would spread, herding her towards a rocky precipice where a small, high altitude plant blossomed.

xxxxxNo one knows how George Thompson and Caroline Meredith met. No one knows what they discovered in that grotto high on Pokoh's Peak. But they did meet and they did discover it together and they decided that they needed to work together to protect it.

xxxxxThus The Aperta Society of Scholars was founded. Two citizens of Pokoh's Peak who shared prophetic dreams about some strange plant, and the adventures that led the pair to locate and save the plant. The Society became a gathering place for those Psychics and Sorcerers who wish to delve into the mysteries that come with having the skills that they do. A place, where when the Aperta flower blooms, prophetic dreams plague those in the area with certain skills - alerting them to both dangers and delving deeper into their skills than before thought possible.
xxxxxThe Society was headed up at all times by 2 Psychics and 2 Sorcerers, called the Board. Those known to belong to other Supernatural groups were not allowed to serve at the head of the Aperta Society, though they have from time to time been members of the Society. There have been known interaction with other races.
xxxxxIn the 70's, the death of a renowned Society Member, Bertrand Scaglione, led to a near war with the vampires who reside in the city. Careful moves on both sides have led to a tentative cease fire that has, over the years, developed into a quiet sharing of information when needed. The Board keeps a watchful eye on such interactions.
xxxxxIn fall of 2007, an unknown individual attacked the Aperta building. One well loved member, Dane Hardcastle was killed before many other members could arrive. Very little has been discerned about the attacker. In 2014, all the known members of the Board resigned and fled the city, due to the machinations of a sinister society from London -- the Order of the Black Rose. Somehow, these British aristocrats knew of the Aperta flower, and they had a plan for it.
xxxxxIn early 2015, membership grew and the Aperta Society flourished, becoming a power within the city in a few short months. Then, sadly, membership began to wain due to internal and external issues, and in late 2015, influence based attacks and personal attacks by Thomas Fillory on members of the society caused others to depart the city or distance themselves from the society. After the defeat and death of Fillory, the Aperta Society never recovered and was eventually closed.
xxxxxIn 2017, a small group of like-minded individuals reformed Aperta Society, its numbers growing as word spreads of its new leadership and philanthropic group efforts to contribute throughout the city of Pokoh's Peak and Jackson County.

What do Mortals know about the Aperta Society?

xxxxxAlthough once closed, Aperta Society has reopened its doors. In the past, mortals looked at Aperta the same as they do the Freemasons, the Society for Oddfellows and other such groups. Most assumed there was nothing special other than a club that only allows certain people to join and they donated to a lot of local causes. A few might assume they had strange rites and rituals, very few would think there was anything supernatural about it. Now and then, people joined; now and then people left; but as the Society was young, there were no books or groups dedicated to breaking through into their small group. Like all small clubs, this was closed too. The future will tell if the present Aperta Society lives up to its predecessor's vision.

What do Supernaturals know about the Aperta Society?

xxxxxThe present rendition of Aperta Society has very little history to base information on. Although once defunct, those supernatural creatures with a 2 in Occult are aware that the Aperta Society of the past was not just a mundane gathering of individuals. At Occult 4, they do not know all of past Aperta Society's ins and outs, but are aware there were mortals who can know paths of linear magic.

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