Psychics and Sorcerers/Banned

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Ability Limits

  • I will not accept 5 ranks in anything but attributes in character generation.
  • You should only have two or three abilities with a rank of 4. My preference is one. If you have two or three rank 4s in abilities, please make sure that they are justified in your backstory. I am reluctant with as it gives you very little to work for.


  • Crafter concepts: You may take Alchemy and Enchantment as part of your basic package, but I watch craft concepts very carefully. Remaining in your stronghold and churning out magic items will result in the denial of experience spends.
  • Supernaturals and Supernatural Kin. Psychics and Sorcerers do not have to be beholden to the larger races. Supernaturals will not be permitted to join.
  • Occult/New Age Bookstores/Owners


  • True Faith
  • Medium
  • Style Sleeper


  • We use only the abilities out of Sorcerer Revised and Dreamspeaker Tradition Revised.