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xxxxxOn Sheltering Sky, the Psychic and Sorcerer sphere will be focused on showing that "lesser" powered individuals can overcome greater foes. Oftentimes Psychics and Sorcerers look at themselves as weaker and less intrinsic to the stories on a MU, however at Sheltering Sky this is not the case.

xxxxxPsychics and Sorcerers have, at their fingertips, a vast array of skills that can put them among the most versatile characters on the grid. Work together as a group, there is very little the Psychic and Sorcerer cannot accomplish - both to the benefit and detriment of the city.

xxxxxWhile Psychics and Sorcerers are independent of the Mage sphere, it is natural for there to be collusion between the spheres and this is not discouraged. In the book, Sorcerers are viewed as a sub-sphere of Mage, perhaps even a step toward Awakening. To be clear, NO Awakening will be run ongrid. Mages applications are handled separately and enter the teaching Chantry as students, and students can not have apprentices.