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Alchemists must be either: Alchemical, Herbalist or Chemistry based. This will flavor what you can create and how your rituals take place. This will be jnoted on you.

When you purchase a rank of Alchemy you will receive one ritual of the same rank for free with it.

Level 5 mentions duplicating other supers powers (gifts, disciplines, etc), you MUST have an appropriate Lore(s) to do this.

Alchemical preparations will expire after 1 IC Month.

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Prepared objects must be jnoted.

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Levels 1-3 require some 'steed' as described in the books and will need to be noted on your character. Think flying carpets, super powered Segway, etc. Level 4 and 5 has left the need of the steed behind. Remember, you can't allocate successes to an aspect higher than your rating in the path. Vertical movement is included in measuring Distance traveled.

Travelling requires an uninterrupted path from the first destination to the second destination. Any obstruction that a human body could not pass through prevents travelling or requires circumventing.

Teleportation is possible with all levels of Conveyance. Range, Speed and Number rules apply. Teleportation causes the target to disappear from view during the movement and also allows the target to pass through any obstruction.

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Counterspell and Unweaving are four separate rituals and must be purchased (3XP) separately.

Counterspell and Spirit Counterspell do not have the extended casting times associated with most rituals.

Unweaving and Spirit Unweaving do not require Lore to use, but the effects must be studied successfully.

  • Counterspell - Effects Sorcery, Thaumaturgy and True Magick
  • Unweaving - Effects Sorcery, Thaumaturgy and True Magick
  • Spirit Counterspell - Effects Fae, Spirits and Shifters
  • Spirit Unweaving - Effects Fae, Spirits and Shifters.

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Divination at its heart is looking to the future and trying to discern what will come. However, the book notes looking back - at level 5. On Sheltering Sky, trying to divine what was, can only be done at level 5.

As we can not predict everything that happens on the game, divination even at a high Accuracy Aspect may not be as accurate as you want. Or, we may have to let you know - we'll let you know, when we know.

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When you purchase a rank of Enchantment you will receive one ritual of the same rank for free with it.

Enchanted items are detectable by Mana Manipulation and other supernatural abilities to sense magical objects.

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With the Fortune path, you cannot specify what form the good or bad fortune will take with a straight path casting. It is only through the development of a ritual that you can specify what form the good or bad fortune will take.

In other words when you cast a Fortune spell without a ritual, you can only determine target, duration, and severity, and then you let it go. Fortune will manifest the way it wills after that. The target of the spell will get bad luck or good luck as you determine. You cannot say "I am going to curse his finances" without having learned or created the ritual "Curse Finances."

Inanimate objects can be targeted by Fortune.

Duration Aspect:

1 dot - 1 day

2 dot - 1 week

3 dot - 1 month

4 dot - 3 months

5 dot - 6 months

6 dot - 1 year

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During the casting of Hellfire, Special Effects are handled like other aspects with successes being allotted to use the Special Effect. To use any Special Effect, it must be purchased via XPspend at the cost of 'successes required to use' + 1, and will be noted on your +sheet as a gift. For example: Earthquake will cost 3 XP, and require 2 successes to use.

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When you hang a shapeshifting spell, you must have the target present. This means that you cannot hang a shapeshifting spell to turn an opponent into a frog, unless the opponent sat through the casting of the hanging spell.

You can not shapeshift yourself into another person. You can change your hair color to reflect some animals, but the fine tuning required to look like another person is just out of the scope of this power.

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Summoning, Binding and Warding

You can not summon, bind or ward supernatural entities without an appropriate ritual.

Binding and Warding Rituals

Creatures effected:

Note: This clarifies what technology are affected per dot. The sorcerer can not affect high-umbral spirits or banes. See book for other creatures.

1 dot - Simple mechanical devices (ie: guns, knives, toaster, bikes, etc).

2 dots - Large devices (ie: television, simple motor systems, etc)

3 dots - Complex devices (ie: Computers and computer operated systems, cars, etc).

4 dots - Technomagical devices

5 dots - Massive devices (Airplanes, entire buildings, etc)

Time Aspect:

1 dot - 1 scene

2 dot - 1 day

3 dot - 1 week

4 dot - 1 month

5 dot - 1 year

Summoning Rituals

Creatures effected

Note: This clarifies what technology is affected per dot. See book for other creatures.

1 dot - Movable simple mechanical devices (ie: wheel, pulley, bikes, carts etc)

2 dots - Movable larger devices (ie: simple motors such as scooters, lawnmowers etc)

3 dots - Movable complex devices (ie: cars, trucks, etc)

4 dots - Technomagical devices (ie: Mobile supernatural items etc)

5 dots - Massive devices (Airplanes, tanks, etc)

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Astral Projection

Since there have been a few questions about powers used via Astral Projection, let me clarify. As the books state, powers used via Astral Projection are at difficult +2 and are those power which do not affect the material world. The question to ask yourself: is what I'm doing creating, removing or changing 'something' in the material world?

For example: Cyberpathy allows the downloading of information, leaving the file, program or information untouched on the target computer; this is possible during Astral Projection. CyberKinesis allows the upload of a program onto another computer; this is not possible since its adding a physical file on a computer.

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Channeling is a non-aggressive ability which does not negatively effect the ghost who's abilities are being channeled. That is, the ghost still has access to the abilities and, while it may have knowledge of the psychics use of that ability, it feels no negative effects. Channeling gives the psychic a sweet 'taste' to the wraiths. BUT, this does not mean a wraith who is filled with rage and would abhor the psychic's use, must share. Refusal is possible.

Success rolls to gain access to a ghost's abilities does not mean you are possessed by the ghost nor do you acquire added information about the ghost which is not directly related to the ability. Once the channeling of an ability is dropped, the knowledge of the ability is gone. The Channeler may have a "Wow, I did that" moment because he recalls his actions, but he has very little understanding of /how/ he did it. Lores cannot be permanently learned via Channeling.

Channelers can call upon wraiths in the area (the grid square). If they haven't identified them and there are no jnotes, it is up to the storyteller to decide whether there is a nearby wraith with the appropriate skill. However, a channeler may have a list of designated wraiths that they can channel, and this does not require the wraith be in the same grid square as them. To become familiar enough with a wraith to channel its abilities from afar (and jnote), the psychic must access the wraith for three different scenes or events.

Channeling gives the Channeler additional die equal to the ghosts level in the ability. For example: Joe channels Pat's Security to see a security system. Joe has Security-3 and Pat has Security-4. The roll will be Joe's Perception+Security+4, effectively giving Joe a roll with Security 7.

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Use of other powers is restricted while using Clairvoyance. eg: at level 4 you can clearly see, hear and touch - which allows the use of psychometry. You can not use psychometry in collusion with clairvoyance until that level.

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Level 5: seeing your own future. While we can make guesses as to what will occur on grid, if there are no jobs in, we can not give you definitive answers. We may set init modifiers for combat or make you aware of plans as we find them out. You will need to be patient as ST and PrP runners themselves are not precogs themselves.

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Psychic Healing

Level 1. Diagnosing another supernatural may come up with unusual results, but without proper lore no race identification can be officially confirmed.

Level 2: While psychic healers can not heal Aggravated damage, they can use this power to help stabilize someone suffering from Aggravated damage.

Level 3: Even if the Bashing damage is explained as a broken bone (as some books allow for even with Bashing), the healing power will work. Level 3 heals Bashing, no matter how it is described.

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As described in the book, you must be able to sense the target to read their mind. This can be done as: in the same room, through Astral Projection, Clairvoyance or other similar methods. You can not use Telepathy on someone you can not sense.

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Learning Powers

1) If you do not app a psychic, you can not learn psychic powers. You are either a psychic or you aren't. Thus, only those who app a psychic will ever be able to learn psychic powers.

2) Sorcery - ICly Non-mages can learn sorcery if they have some sort of a teacher. OOCly, you must get permission from your current wizard and the mortal+ wizard before putting in the XP spend. We have to make sure there is no CoI with alts. You will also become subject to the rules of /both/ spheres, as well as the expectations of /both/ sphere wizards. Other supers must maintain their other powers at 2/3 total (ie, 6 dots of disciplines means 2 dots in sorcery IF you can find an IC teacher). If a member of another race learns Sorcery, they are considered cross sphere characters.

3) Psychics and Sorcery: If psychics wish to learn sorcery, they can do so, but must maintain Psychic powers at 2/3 total powers. Eg: if you have 2 dots in psychic powers you can buy 1 levels of a sorc power, if you have 6 dots worth of psychic powers, you can have a total of 3 dots in sorc powers. Other races can teach powers.

3) Library as teacher. Occult Libraries can teach sorcery powers within limits. An occult library can teach as many dots in the following way.
Level 1 - Learn 1 power to level 3, with 3 rituals
Level 2 - Learn 2 powers to level 3, with 3 rituals each
Level 3 - Learn 3 powers to level 3, with 4 rituals each
Level 4 - Learn 4 powers to level 4, with 4 rituals each
Level 5 - Learn 5 powers to level 5, with 5 rituals each
For both Dots in powers and rituals, these need to be jnoted at the time the library is first put on someones sheet. If it is not noted, the library can not be used to learn sorcery powers or rituals.
Libraries can not teach Psychic powers. I run with the psychic phenomenon is relatively modern - in the last 150 years or so. The next step of evolution/mutation. As such, there are not enough books written about it to account for learning it out of a library.

4) Ritual Creation and Learning. A sorcerer can use a ritual learned without understanding the basis behind it, but creating a ritual requires knowledge to support that. For example: To create a ritual Warding against Wraith requires the appropriate level of Warding plus Wraith Lore. To learn the ritual from another sorcerer and use it requires only the appropriate level of Warding.

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NPC Psychic/Sorcerers as Allies on your Sheet

This holds true for Psychics and Sorcerers just as it does for other Supernaturals. Allies, in my opinion, will help you out of a bind. They are loyal to you, quite probably your friend. They will help you in most instances without expectation of a payoff of some kind. That said? They are not educators. If you have an Ally and want them to teach you Sorcery? They won't do it. That takes them to a level of uselessness and they don't want that. They want to /help/ you, not educate you. If you wish to learn Sorcery? There are PCs and statted bitted NPCs on the grid. Find an In. Go out and RP. Manipulate, cajole, earn trust, etc.

If you still want the NPC as an Ally on your sheet? Understand they will not be local to Pokoh's Peak. They will know of the Mortal+ Society at the discretion of Mortal+ Staff. The point of an NPC ally is not to subvert another sphere, but to add to you and your own. Given the theme of Mortal+ for Sheltering Sky, I will work to make sure even the NPCs follow that theme as much as possible.

Such Allies will have a moratorium of 3 months before they will be allowed on non Psychic/Sorcerer sheets. I am keeping cross sphere on sheets to a minimum initially. What happens on grid is something else entirely and I fully expect and welcome cross sphere interactions (just nothing that will cross sheets til 3 months from game opening at the earliest).

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