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This questionnaire replaces what is required for your background. You may choose to do a traditional story background in ADDITION TO the questionnaire, however, it will not fulfill what I require for approval. Some players love to write short stories to demonstrate their characters. The problem with short stories is while they might give insight into your character, they are extraordinarily difficult to extract crucial information from, even if that information made it in at all. Thus, staff requires a new approach. Your application's background will be divided into nine parts, and you will provide the information that staff requests in them. You must be able to answer all these questions.

  • Please note: I DO NOT REVIEW APPLICATIONS BY +MAIL OR BY +JOB. I must get this information by e-mail, at .

What is your date of birth?
What was your upbringing?
What do you look like?
What are your hobbies?
Who matters in your life? (this should focus on any npc friends/lovers etc that you care about that might be used as a plot push, start, etc. None is an okay answer).
Do you have family? If so, who?
Do you have a job? What is it?
What sort of place do you live in?
What are your mundane goals?

What are your quirks, mannerisms and habits that others will find annoying?
What are your quirks, mannerisms and habits that others will find attractive?

When did you first encounter magic?
What touch of strange or mini-Awakening opened your eyes to the supernatural?
How do you balance the mundane to magical world?
Have you ever dealt with other supernaturals?
If so, please detail.

Explain your flaws.
Explain your merits.
Explain your backgrounds (ie, who is your contact/ally/mentor, where did you get the library?).

What is your personal style of magic?
For Sorcerers, what foci do you use?
Have you joined a mystical society? Which one? Why?
What is your motive?
How do you see your path?
What conflicts await your magical future?
What are your magical goals?

Share 3 things that no one else knows about your character

This is where you include anything else that I should know as a Storyteller. If you want to write a narrative, this is where you should include it (narratives are NOT required and if you do include one, no more than 2 pages tops).

Background Information
1) ID's you possess: (Drivers Licence, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.)
2) Address on ID's:
3) Citizenship:
4) Phone listed?
5) Criminal Record: If any please provide basic details
6) Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid:
7) Source of Income (If you have Resources):
8) Anything else you think might be important were someone to run a BG Check on you.

Sheet Note
While Virtues are not listed in the Sorcerer book, all Mortal+ are required to have this on their sheet. When creating your stats, please include Conscience, Courage and Self-Control. As with attributes, these automatically have 1 dot. You have 7 dots to allot between the three.

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