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Mummies and mages can teach sorcery paths and rituals to others when they don't possess sorcery paths themselves. Mages can do it because their True Magick breaks those laws, but only when they understand the rules that they are breaking. They can shatter the rules and examine them from the inside. Mummies can do it because they have endless amounts of time and they have probably forgotten more than they actually remember about sorcery. In addition, Werewolf Theurges may teach static shamanism and only static shamanism.

Not every mage, mummy, or werewolf can do this. They must meet the following criteria.


1. The mage, mummy, or werewolf must have an occult score equal to the level of the path or ritual being taught. If the mage is a technomancer, they must teach the scientific version of the sorcery path, but they must have science equal to the level of the path or ritual being taught. Eg, to teach Weather control 4, the Technocrat needs Science at 4 and the Verbena Adept needs Occult at 4.

2. If the path or ritual uses a different ability than occult or science, the teacher must also have that score equal to the level of path or ritual being taught. For example, shapeshifting uses Animal-Ken, so to teach shapeshifting, you must have animal-ken equal to the level you are teaching as well as the base of Occult or Science.

3. The mage or mummy must possess the affiliated Lore, Sphere, or Hekau with each sorcerous path and at an equivalent rank. A mage with a sphere at 2, can not teach a sorcerer a level 3 path. Werewolf theurges must have the equivalent Rank.

4. The mage, mummy, or werewolf must have the instruction skill.

Breakdown of Teaching

If no sphere or hekau is listed, the race cannot teach this path.

Alchemy (alchemist or herbalist or science)

Prime Sphere +any other sphere at the same rank Alchemy Hekau


Correspondence Sphere Effigy Hekau


Correspondence Sphere

Divination (fortune-telling)

Time or Entropy Sphere Celestial Hekau


Prime Sphere and one other sphere at equal rank Amulets Hekau


Mind Sphere

Fortune (intimidation or mathematics)

Entropy Sphere Celestial Hekau

Healing (intuition)

Life Sphere Nomenclature Hekau


Forces Sphere

Mana Manipulation

Prime Sphere Celestial Hekau


Mind Sphere or Spirit Sphere


Forces Sphere

Shapeshifting (animal-ken or science)

Life Sphere Nomenclature Hekau

Summoning, Binding, Warding

Spirit Sphere Necromancy Hekau

Weather Control (willpower)

Correspondence Sphere and Forces Sphere Celestial Hekau

Static Shamanism (spirit-lore or umbral-lore)

Dreamspeaker Tradition and Spirit Sphere Werewolf Theurge