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This is a page of OOC humor. If there is a line that catches your funny bone, or is just PERFECT roleplaying gold, or even and ST blooper, share with us!

"The guys who came up with Wolfenquake." playerX pipes up again, this time behind playerY, leaning over the woman's left shoulder. "Hey. If a guest fondles my butt, can I eat him?" She pauses. "I mean keep him!" Pause. "I mean..nevermind." She slips off again, balancing a tray with empty glasses.

<OOC> ST says "roll me gnosis vs 77"

<OOC> playerX says "Gusts of Sulfer Dioxide like the entirety of the flatulence of the Sixth Ring of Hell all concentrated into a moment in time?"

><>Sky<><: playerX rolls "perception+alertness" at diff 8
xxxxxFor a botch!
ST says "There is nothing there, playerX. You are perfectly safe."

PlayerY sighs heavily. "Why can't we just find a new species of butterflies? Why does it always have to be some vile, evil creature?
ST says, "I am going to create vile vampiric butterflies, just for PlayerY."

<OOC> playerX says, "playerZ is a wonderful player. I believe our plots together have come to a close though."
<OOC> playerY says, "So you're saying you've killed him."

<channel> playerC says, "It was like a hurricane in Satan's crotch."

"Well, you show me a Shadow Lord that can't hide a body, an I'll show you an imposter," PlayerX states easily.

<pack channel> player says, "Would you get Dutch's ass down to the bawn? I want to see who smells worse. Her, or this ratty-ass Get that just crawled out of a cave."
<pack channel> player says, "Spirits above, stop being dense. A Get. Crawled Out. Of the cave. THE cave.

PlayerA says, "I'm more of the mind to unmake it through aggressive exothermic chemistry."

PlayerA: This has a very pulp-cliffhanger feel. Will the Hermetics find the hidden treasure? Will Doctor Z escape the cannibal gang? Find out in the next issue!

PlayerB: You know what would be a GREAT idea? We 3 separate and each go down a path! What could go wrong?
PlayerM: I see PlayerB going down the central path, then come running back like Jack Sparrow, arms flailing, with a horde of hungry cannibals on her heels.