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"If it's true, I have the absolute right to terrify you with it."

Dorothy Allison

Mini Bio
Rachel has lived in Pokoh's Peak her entire life. She is a journalist and runs a website called 'The Rachel Report' where she strives to relay honest news to her followers. She is known to be reckless when going after a story and can also be pushy. She likes to party and can be obsessive when she finds something or someone(s) she desires. She's been in a few scraps over the years, but has somehow managed to avoid incarceration.
  • Drinks after work?
  • Got a story you want told?
  • Karaoke!
  • Krav Maga! Let's spar.
  • Occult Master

  • Jack Cooper - A risky, fun loving man I cannot get enough of. Genuinely sweet and protective. Too good to be true?
  • Zach Cooper - Stop your heart beautiful. I can hardly look at him. Patient and paternal, I just... can't even.
  • Thomas Francisi - An intriguing, well dressed man. Threw the ball in my court, let's see what I do with it.
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Name Rachel Michelle Davies
Occupation Freelance Journalist
Height 5'8"
Weight Athletic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Apparent Age 24ish