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"Darkness falls on the fearful mind of tales
told in the dragon's dance." - Rafferty Dresden

"They will not force us, they will stop degrading us,
they will not control us, we will be victorious." - Matt Bellamy

"But people aren't just dreams, they're ... real and
complicated and terrible and wonderful." - Christy Galloway

"Hello darkness my old friend." - Paul Simon


Name: Rafferty M. Dresden
Occupation: Musician
Date of Birth: November 20
Height/Weight: 6'1/175
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Disposition: Contemplative
Played By: Pierre Perrier

The Deets
Into music? Raff is a musician.
Enjoy morose art? Raff is a painter.
Need to vent? Raff will listen.
Having a party? Raff will liven things up!
Stuck in the dank darkness of mundane reality? Raff's your road to recovery.
Need somebody to confide in? Raff will hold your secrets dearly.
Philosophical rants? Yes, please.
Coffee, cigarettes and late night vegan breakfast? Absolutely.

The Music

Rafferty is a freewheeling busker that performs down in the art districts of both Pokoh's Peak and Denver. He also has a couple more permanent gigs in local cafes and coffee houses in The Peak. Recently, he's taken up a more Folk Rock sound, leaving behind the angry and emotional melodic angst he was known for. His fans seem receptive to the change, most stating they find more authenticity in this new direction. His easy rhythms, edgy vocals, and nicely modulated performances leave his followers hungry for more.

The Relationship Status

In an open relationship with Christy Galloway.

The Madness

When a tornado meets a volcano - Raffxty

The Theme Song

F*ck Forever - Babyshambles

The Other Songs

The Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco
Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
The Sound Of Silence - Disturbed

The Women
Christy - Somebody worth fucking eternity.
Natasha - Somebody worth devotion.
Kira - Somebody worth following.
The Motley
Teegan - Somebody worth allegiance.
Martin - Somebody worth loyalty.
Olivia - Somebody worth camaraderie.
The Friends and Family
Nuru - Somebody worth seeking out.
Jolon - Somebody worth fighting for.
Donovan - Somebody worth scrutiny.
Saoirse - Somebody worth friendship.
Max - Somebody worth trusting.
Sootsie - Somebody worth remembering.
Juliet - Somebody worth enjoying.
Lyrica - Somebody worth enlightening.
Michaela - Somebody worth laughter.
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