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My desire is for wisdom, not for the exercise of the will. The will
is the strong blind man who carries on his back the lame man who can see.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer


Mary "Raven" Tso

Or more properly, Professor Mary Tso, PhD in Physical Anthropology. She can be found frequently in coffeehouses and libraries.


Most of this can be found out through a public record search.

  • Born 6/6/1987, near Window Rock, AZ.
  • BS Anthropology, Arizona State University, 2009.
  • PhD Physical Athropology, California State University Chico, 2014
    • Dissertation on work with Andean mummies in association with Univ. of Santiago.
  • Adjunct professor of Anthropology, New Hampshire Online University.


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Associates and commentary

  • Ekta : Oddly, Raven is a cat person.
  • Maya : You do sell better coffee.
  • Erin : Don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Katherine : Spider-bra!
  • Ella : Preparing for a soft landing.


"I don't trust either of them. [She]... assuming she's inherently trustworthy may have been misinformed. [His] drive and obsession renders him inherently untrustworthy except in pursuit of that obsession."

"Yes... I am Awakened. This means that my potential is, to both of us, barely within the realm of comprehension. Given time and opportunity, I could one day crack the sky with a word. To rush toward that goal with no regard for my safety is to squander the opportunity to become that person. It is all for nothing if I do something stupid and end up dead. Some opportunities are worth that risk, but to understand the risks, evaluate the rewards, make wise choices requires an understanding of my capabilities, which implies an understanding of what is beyond them. My caution is not cowardice, it is respect for the gift of Awakening."


[People should feel free to scribble on this.]

Important note

This is here because I have actually encountered people giving me static about this issue.

Some folks have been lucky enough to play on places with more positive OOC environments than myself. I'm a little envious that you never had people scream at you for not asking to join in. I'm also glad that you've never played where you had people who were so consistently nasty to you that you never wanted to interact with them ever. I wish I could say that there was nobody who ever found me to be that person. Sadly, this is not the case for me. The idea of stepping into an already ongoing scene without permission or an invite is horrifying to me. It's like spanking someone else's child in public. You just don't do it. Ever.

If I walk someplace 'public' and I see something going on... if I want to join in, I'll ask if it's OK. Please don't criticize me for doing something that is harmlessly polite. Yes, it's a public space, theoretically I can step in if I want and if the people already there don't like it, they can lump it. I don't feel comfortable doing that. Sometimes there are people who are tired or unwell and the added stress of a larger scene is beyond them. Sometimes conversation has drifted to private things and a relative stranger's presence would be disruptive. I am trying to respect other people, not make some passive-aggressive play for approval.

So... I'm going to ask. I'm going to continue to ask because not doing so will make me uncomfortable and will make me unlikely to seek out others. If this is something you have a problem with, I'll (regretfully) find someplace else to play.