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Take your protein pill and put your helmet on

You're familiar with the phrase "Man's reach exceeds his grasp"? It's a lie. Man's grasp exceeds his nerve. The only limits on scientific progress are those imposed by society. The first time I changed the world, I was hailed as a visionary. The second time I was asked politely to retire. The world only tolerates one change at a time. And so here I am. Enjoying my "retirement".

Nikola Tesla (The Prestige)

Former USAF Pilot. Former MIT researcher. Former NASA astronaut. Former washout, hermit, and pilgrim. Current hobbyist, barfly, and professional 'expert'.
  • Aneni - I see you there. You may be following the path of a mystic, but I can tell a civil engineer.
  • Christy - Good kid, but way too hard on herself.
  • Cyrus - #bossbaby ... Right?
  • Giles - Pomposity is when you always think you're right. Arrogance is when you know.
  • Roxanne - Lets me use her space while she's away. That makes her a good colleague with questionable judgment.
  • Xenia - If you must, but in as much as I think of God, It's more aspirational than teleological.
Suited up Excuse me, I have to do some serious drinking Rough morning
Name Reginald Ptolemaeus Storm
Occupation Aerospace Consultant
Nature Judge
Demeanor Celebrant
Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Salt-and-pepper
Apparent Age Late forties
Space Oddity - Chris Hadfield
Show Me How This Thing Works - Cracker
Nemeses - Jonathan Coulton
Ballad of Serenity - Sonny Rhodes
Dashboard - Modest Mouse
Hippy Chix - Camper Van Beethoven
The Tourist - Radiohead
All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
The Commander Thinks Aloud - The Long Winters
The Gash - The Flaming Lips
Sidi Ifni - Cracker
Space Oddity - David Bowie (Reprise)