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Robin Locks
"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions!"

- Robin Hood

Eighteen and on her own, not always dressed in the nicest clothes, thin and waifish. You might think Robin needs someone to take care of them, but the black haired teen is more frequently seen giving what they do have away. Often giving away more than someone would expect someone like this to have.
RP Hooks
Need something stolen? Had something stolen and want to find it? Robin has a reputation as a thief, though it is possible she may have already given away whatever she took from you.
Tully - I love her, I can be brave for her, she is not only someone I would die for but someone I can live for.

Marian - My sister. I would do anything for her. What else could a Robin do? Two people I can live for is more than enough.

Brian - You have stood by me, even when you are angry. Lately you've been more quiet.

Khoi - My sister's best friend. He is easy to talk to, I feel like I can really share with him without judgement.

Alex - I miss you.

Kismet - My best friend, I really miss him.

Aliyah - Mitten's girl, she is a lot like my big sister. She looks out for me when she can and is always happy to see my weird looking face.

Emmanuel - He carries sashimi. Emmanuel is always willing to help me. I'm glad to know him.

Betsy - Always up to feed a hungry urchin. Farm fresh! Little worried about your political views.

Eamonn - As long as you take care of 'you know who', then I'll stand by you.

Keely - My Rabbit, she is mine, get your own. Best bunny ever.

Stardust - She was my friend, but then she turned mean. I think she is rebounding, working in a direction that helps people.

Nuru - I don't always agree with you, but I will always support you, even if you make my head spin and wonder what you could be thinking.

Michaela - I don't think I ever really knew her.

Donal - He gave me shoes, and I guess he is famous.

Chika - My Miko, she would do anything and everything for me. And of course I'll protect her and love her for it.

Robin bg small.png
Name Robin Locks
Occupation Thief
Legacy Troubador
Height 5' 2"
Weight 99 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age 18