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"There is no sin worse in life than being boring."
‒Paris Hilton
Biographical Data
Full Name: Roselyn Agatha Hilton
Date of Birth: July 4th
Apparent Age: Late Teens/Early 20's
Occupation: Model/Hotel Heiress
Build: Petite Hourglass
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Soft Pink
Eyes: Smokey Gray

Appearance: ●●●●
Performance: ●●●●

Famous!: She's been in a good amount of movies, both main stream and B-rated. She also does her modeling

Heiress: She is the heiress to the hotels her parents own.

Kinda Local: If it were for her traveling so much people would more than likely know her better. Perhaps you recognize her from before she got all big and famous?

Fine Arts: She adores the arts, it is one thing she is passionate about.

High Society: She thrives within the richest of the richest.


With flawless pale skin, thick pink lips with a darkened edge, smokey-gray eyes enhanced by thick mascara for the perfect darkened frame for those eyes, and curly hair descending to the mid-back consisting of an intermingling of pink and white. With thick but manicured brows, round cheeks, and a rounded chin it gives her a look similar to a pink-haired porcelain doll or cherub. She stands at about 5'8" and seems to well maintain her body and has soft curves. When she walks it is trained and poised.

Since arrival in Pokoh's Peak

Graham - My big brother who is a bit protective

Keith - Awww I hoped pop your cocaine cherry!

name - thoughts