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You're as old as time itself, so show some respect to your peers. And as young as your children. Respect your future.

Biographical Data
Name: Roxanne Greavy
Birthdate: NEVER YOU MIND!
Occupation: Organic, sustainable farmer
Nationality: Australian Aborigine
Citizenship: Naturalized US citizen
Nature: Visionary (easily mistaken for Sage)
Demeanor: Caretaker with a certain dash of Knee-to-the-Onions and Mind Your Own Beeswax

Marital status: Widowed

Themesong: Wildest Things in the World--- by Melodysheep.
Quote: I once had a cannibal solicitor. Best negotiator evah!

Roxanne is a new resident in Pokoh's Peak, newly come from Denver. She's a retired bush pilot, from Australia, who has family and children in the Denver area and roundabouts. She's active in the community, attending Ute social functions and tribal rights discussions on a regular basis. She's agreed to help out by being a volunteer at a local middle school, as the club advisor for the Native American Students club and also as the volunteer advisor for the science club. She enjoys organic gardening. She's also a part-time student at Chilicotte University. Like so many retired people, always keeping busy.

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Plot Hooks
  • Local Facts. Roxanne is a retired pilot and often hangs out at the airport with the old guys.
  • Volunteer. Roxanne volunteers at the local middle school where she runs the Science Club and the Native American Students clubs as an advisor. She is very well liked by the kids.
  • Outdoor. Roxanne is a snowshoe enthusiast.

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  • Roxanne is a regular at Sandra's Cafe and Health Food.
  • Roxanne does her drinking at the Blue and Gold bar, which carries VB, Australia' s favorite beer.
  • Some people know that Roxanne and her friend Lily created the Community Garden Project

Aboriginal art header.jpg