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When making a character on Sheltering Skies, you are agreeing to the following terms:

A. You must be here to have fun. The staff at Sheltering Skies doesn't care if you connect once a week, once every two weeks, or 10 times a day. The whole point is you are here to have fun. This can be a time intensive hobby and we recognize that we all have real lives. Connect when you have time. When you connect, have fun.

B. Recognize that even if you do not connect, the game will move forward without you. The staff doesn't think anyone should HAVE to connect every day. Some people do and that’s great for them. They will move along in plots and personal RP without you and that is a-ok. Build a character with an easy fall on reason why you weren't around. Make a character that fits your expected connectivity, that way, no one throws at you the OMG where were you. Ie: business professional that travels frequently, street person that disappears habitually, person who constantly loses their phones, etc.

C. IC and OOC must be kept separate. Initial infractions are often mistakes, and staff understands this. Repeated infractions of this rule will result in more serious punishment as per the rules of Sheltering Sky.

D. You must have access to a copy of Revised Core player book for the sphere you are playing in. We at Sheltering Skies do not care how you get it, but you must have access to the appropriate book and you must have an ability to at least scan them as needed. We don't expect anyone to be an expert on their powers, but we do expect after a few months of play, that you have at least an idea of what they can and can not do. If we tell you RTFM, its not us being a brat, its us telling you the answer is spelled out in the book - and honestly, its quicker for you to read the book, than us to read it, type it and then you read it.

E. Know your House Rules. Read and understand the House Rules for character’s powers. Try to become familiar with the House Rules for other powers. If one isn't sure of a House Rule, try '+news/search powername' or +bbsearch powername'. Staff will also keep the wiki up to date with power rules as well. If one spots an omission on the wiki, drop staff a +Mail with the information.

F. Respect. You can expect professionalism from Sheltering Skies Staff. In turn, we ask that players treat their staff and fellows with the same level of respect. When a problem occurs, and they inevitably will, keep this in mind when communicating with staff and other players. However, this is not a business or a courtroom. We can laugh and joke. Our discussions can be deep or ridiculous.