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Rather than follow the theme White Wolf built for Martial Arts, which included a complete philosophy, Sheltering Sky will not use the Martial Arts stat on character sheets. Instead, characters with Brawl 4 or 5 are allowed to purchase maneuvers listed on this page.

Unless otherwise noted, the pool will be Dexterity + Brawl and the difficulty 6. Each Special Move will cost 5 XP. Special moves will be capped at 1 move per point of Brawl on your sheet. If a totem, merit or other stat grants you extra dots in brawl, these do not allow you to learn more Special Moves.



After the target is successfully grappled, an expert Brawler can attempt to throw the target to the ground with a successful Dexterity + Brawl roll. Damage dice pool is equal to the target's Strength. Three or more damage will stun the target. The target then suffers a two-die penalty for the number of turns equal to the level of damage inflicted.

Hard Style

Blow to Pressure Point

The expert Brawler strikes at pressure points. Difficulty 8. Damage: Strength + 3.

Damaging Block

When utilizing a block, if the expert Brawler scores at least three successes, they inflict their Strength in damage to the attacker. Roll for this damage as normal.

Breaking Blow

One turn for concentration required. An expert Brawler aims his blow. If the blow hits the target, each 2 successes on the attack adds 1 to the damage roll for bashing damage. Drawback: The expert Brawler takes bashing damage equal to half of the attack's damage before soak rolls, rounded down (if Brawler attacks for 7 damage, they accrue a possible 3 damage before soak). It is possible this damage is soaked by both parties. A botch results in the expert Brawler suffering a level of lethal damage and a crippling injury (ie: broken limb).

Dragon Tail Sweep

Treat this action like a Throw, minus the need to grapple. It is a spinning legsweep which can knock the opponent to the ground. Difficulty 8. Damage: Opponent's Strength.

Elbow Strike

An abrupt forceful strike at close range, usually to the head. Difficulty: 5. Damage: Str+1.

Ground Fighting

Ability to fight normally while crouched or prone with no penalties if the opponents are still in reach.

Jump Kick

Inflicts Bashing damage +2 (Strength + 3) and the difficulty to dodge or otherwise counter is reduced by 1.

Killing Blows

No special roll required. The expert Brawler declares Killing Blows and all damage becomes lethal. This may not be effective for some supernaturals if vital points are difficult or impossible to reach.

Ripping Strike

Attacks are painful and successful attacks cause opponent's to lose 1 extra die for the remainder of the turn and the next turn. Damage is normal damage, but may cause significant damage with at 5 or greater damage, such as loss of ears, eyes or sections of skin. Storytellers discretion.

Spinning Kick

Fast, spinning kick. Difficulty 7. Damage: Str+2.

Thunder Kick

A flying drop kick. Difficulty: 8. Damage: Str+3.

Soft Style

Acrobatic Dodge

An expert Brawler may dodge a number of attacks equal to his Acrobatics rating. This maneuver may not be split with another action nor used in conjunction with power such as Celerity. Roll: Dexterity + Dodge.

Cataleptic Grapple

An expert Brawler must successfully grapple his opponent then rolls Perception + Martial Arts (diff 7) in an extended roll. Each success inflicts one level of unsoakable bashing. This can eventually lead to incapacitation and death. This does not effect Kindred.

Counter Throw

The expert Brawler must be attacked. Grappling to throw is not necessary. The expert Brawler makes an opposed roll of Dexterity + Brawl against the opponent's Dexterity + Brawl or Melee (whichever is currently appropriate). If the expert Brawler scores more successes, the attack is deflected and the opponent may immediately be thrown.

Deflecting Block

The expert Brawler must be attacked. This is a redirection of the attacker's momentum. Roll: Dexterity + Brawl (diff 6) against the opponent's attack roll. Each of the expert Brawler's success subtracts 1 success from the opponent's roll. If the expert Brawler successes are higher than the opponent's, the opponent must roll Dexterity (diff 8) or fall to the ground and take his own Strength rating as damage.

Joint Lock

Opponent must be grappled. An expert Brawler uses pressure to joint and pressure points to damage and control the opponent. Broken limbs are possible. Roll to grapple: Dexterity + Brawl. Roll immediately upon successful grapple: Dexterity + Brawl. For each success scored on the second roll, the opponent has 1 Health Level of bashing damage.

Mantis Strike

Open palm hit to important organs, Vitae Centers or other vital areas. Difficulty 7. Damage for Supernatural: Str plus the loss of one vital point: Blood Point. Damage for Mortal: Str+1 base damage.

Push Hands

The expert brawler, who must be attacked, may defend with this technique. Roll: Dexterity + Brawl (diff 7). If successful, by which is meant that he or she rolls enough successes to negate the attack made against him or her, the attacking opponent is knocked to the ground and accrues a number of bashing damage dice equal to the opponent's strength (automatic STR successes from Potence do count). The expert Brawler sidesteps the attack and gives the opponent a little nudge.

Reactive Strikes

This can only be used during a split dice pool for more than one action. The expert Brawler must first successfully block the opponent. Failure means auto-failure for the Reactive Strike. Success blocking means an immediate Reactive Strike that cannot be blocked or dodged.

Spinning Throw

This is a reactive throw and the expert Brawler must be attacked or grappled to use it. Any damage is delayed until the Spinning Throw is completed. Multiple targets are possible with a +1 difficulty for each attacker beyond the first and with a maximum diff of 10, although each additional point will remove a success from the final roll. There is no penalty for multiple opponents. If the expert Brawler scores more successes than the Opponents, the Opponents are thrown. If the Opponent scores more successes, the expert Brawler is effected by the opponent's attack. In a tie, neither expert Brawler nor Opponent are victorious.

Withering Grasp

The expert brawler may disarm and inflict damage on the opponent. The attacker rolls dexterity + brawl vs. difficulty 8. One to two successes causes bashing damage. Three to four successes disarms the opponent and causes bashing damage and five successes disarms the opponent and gives the weapon to the attacker and causes bashing damage.

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