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Giovanni Fortunato Scarpia

"An ill wind blew every day and every night shone forth an evil star." - Nick Cave

Biographical Data

Gianni Scarpia. Or Jack Scar. Legally, John Bonaducci.

App Age: 30s

Local derelict.

Nationality: Italian? Foreign.


One of the local street people. Not the panhandling kind, the crazy drunk who tries to talk to you kind.

RP Hooks
  • Homeless. Is he homeless, or does he just hang out with them? He's often the one providing the cheap wine.
  • Music. Sometimes he plays violin in the street.
  • Catholic. He doesn't seem to show up for services, but he does go into St. John's, where he'll kneel and light candles.


God-bless-the-stale-cold-sandwich.jpg Black Fox – Hahahahaha. That's a nice skull.

Calamity.jpg Calamity – Ehhh, useful? I am no tool. Still, good, auntie, I am listening.

God-bless-the-stale-cold-sandwich.jpg John Derry – Jesus. You are too kind.

Zola4.jpg Hart – Quel dommage.

Henry8.jpg Henry – How funny... And I like you more as I see you.

Kannika 2.png Kannika – The lovely. But I fear she won't be bringing me a clavicembalo.

Khoigreen1.jpg Khoi – We are brain-damage brothers, eh?

LeSeur.jpg LeSeur – Haha! This is the shop for anarchy, but I am not sure you have worked out what that means. Still, I like it.

Mags.jpg Magdalena – Oh dear. We will maybe not get along so long.

God-bless-the-stale-cold-sandwich.jpg Sandwich – A toasted cheese sandwich.

Skylar4.jpg Skylar – Here is a dear lass. I am charmed.

Sabotabby pin.jpg William – Ah, my dear, you are cleverer than you let on. That is good. I could even like you.

Xanman.jpeg Xander – One wants to build guitars.

Radiant baby.jpg Leelgirl.jpg Sabotabby pin.jpg Tavern pipe.jpg WWI French Gasoline Lighter photo 2.JPG Lap desk.jpg