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"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Ghandi

Biographical Data
Name: Selena Zhang
Birthdate: Jan 04, 1994
Occupation: MMA Fighter - UFC
Nationality: Chinese
Nature: Warrior
Demeanor: Excitable

Quote: Meee-owwwwwwww
Themesong: Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealer's Wheels

Now a ranked UFC fighter, she has opened up two gyms in Pokoh's Peak where she continues to improve her skills and train future UFC contenders. She has an avid following on social media and has started her own movie career, moving to California for a short time to film. She continues to gain sponsors, and may be a contender for the belt.

RP Hooks
  • Fighting and training
  • Travel, she comes from California
  • Video Games, she can't get enough of them
  • Her very, very slight fame (Fame: 3)
  • Enola - Her first great love.
  • Donovan - Her "weird uncle" pal
  • Jolon - Her really tall and muscular pal
  • Maeve - Her dangerous and beautiful pal
  • Nuru - Her responsible and funny pal
  • Lily - Her blind and gentle soul pal
  • Kinsey - Her pal with a great sense of humor
  • Jacob - Her straight on cool pal
  • Rafferty - Her sweet, little bro pal
  • Roxanne - Her shop-owner pal
  • Sebastion - Hey! No. No.
  • Faithe - A new newest pal
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